The present, future, and imperfect indicative forms of εἰμί (not all accents present) with basic parsings

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εἰμί 1st, sg, present, "I am"  
εἰ~ 2nd, sg, present, "You are" (revised)
ἐσμέν 1st, pl, present, "We are"  
ἐστέ 2nd, pl, present, "Y'all are"  
εἰσίν 3rd, pl, present, "They are"  
ἐστίν 3rd, sg, present, "He/ she /it is"  
ἔσομαι 1st, sg, future, "I will be" (revised)
ἔση, 2nd, sg, future, "You will be" (revised)
ἐσται 3rd, sg, future, "He/ she/ it will be"  
ἐσόμεθα 1st, pl, future, "We will be"  
ἔσεσθε 2nd, pl, future, "Y'all will be" (revised)
ἔσονται 3rd, pl, future, "They will be" (revised)
ἤμην 1st, sg, imperfect, "I was" (revised)
ἠς / ἠσθα 2nd, sg, imperfect, "You were"  
ἠν 3rd, sg, imperfect, "He/ she/ it was"  
ἠμεν / ἠμεθα 1st, pl, imperfect, "We were"  
ἠτε 2nd, pl, imperfect, "Y'all were"  
ἠσαν 3rd, pl, imperfect, "They were"  

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