Verbal forms to memorize

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ἐρῶ Future of λέγω, I speak  
εἶπον Aorist act/mid of λέγω, I speak  
εἴρηκα Perfect active of λέγω, I speak  
εἴρημαι Perfect mid/pas of λέγω, I speak  
ἐρρέθην Aorist passive of λέγω, I speak  
εἶχον Imperfect of ἔχω, I have, hold  
ἕξω Future of ἔχω, I have, hold  
ἔσχον Aorist act/mid of ἔχω, I have, hold  
ἔσχηκα Perfect active of ἔχω, I have, hold  
εἰδήσω Future of οἶδα, I know, understand  
ᾔδειν Aorist act/mid of οἶδα, I know, understand  
λήμψομαι Future of λαμβάνω, I receive, take  
εἴληφα Perfect active of λαμβάνω , I receive, take  
ἐλήμφθην Aorist passive of λαμβάνω, I take, receive  
πίομαι Future of πίνω, I drink  
ἐπόθην Aorist passive of πίνω, I drink  

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