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ἐξομολογέω I confess  
ἐπιτάσσω I command  
ἐπιτελέω I complete  
θλίβω I press, oppress  
κομίζω I receive  
κοσμέω I adorn, put in order  
μακροθυμέω I have patience, wait  
μέλει it is a concern (or care) to someone  
ξενίζω I show hospitality  
ὀναμάζω I name  
παράγω I pass by  
πατάσσω I strike a blow  
ἡ Ἰόππη, Ἰόππης Joppa  
ἡ ἰσχύς, ἰσχύος strength  
ὁ κοινωνός, κοινονοῦ partner  
ὁ οἰκονόμος, οἰκονόμου manager of the household  
ὁ ὅρκος, ὅρκου oath  
ὁ παντοκράτωρ, παντοκράτορος the Almighty  
ἡ παρεμβολή, παρεμβολῆς camp  
ἕξ six  
ἐπειδή because, when  
κἀκεῖ and there (καί + ἐκεί)  
κἀκεῖθεν and from there (καί + ἐκεῖθεν)  
κλητός, -ή, -όν called  
μακράν far (away)  
ὅδε, ἥδε, τὸδε this, such and such  
ὄντως really  
παραλυτικός, -ή, -ὀν paralyzed  

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