HTML5 tags

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a hyperlink  
abbr abbreviation  
address contact information  
area image-map hyperlink  
article article  
aside tangential content  
audio audio stream  
b offset text conventionally styled in bold  
base base URL  
bdi BiDi isolate  
bdo BiDi override  
blockquote block quotation  
body document body  
br line break  
button button  
button type=submit submit button  
button type=reset reset button  
button type=button button with no additional semantics  
canvas canvas for dynamic graphics  
caption table title  
cite cited title of a work  
code code fragment  
col table column  
colgroup table column group  
command command  
command type=command command with an associated action  
command type=radio selection of one item from a list of items  
command type=checkbox state or option that can be toggled  
datalist predefined options for other controls  
dd description or value  
del deleted text  
details control for additional on-demand information  
dfn defining instance  
div generic flow container  
dl description list  
dt term or name  
em emphatic stress  
embed integration point for plugins  
fieldset set of related form controls  
figcaption figure caption  
figure figure with optional caption  
footer footer  
form user-submittable form  
h1 heading  
h2 heading  
h3 heading  
h4 heading  
h5 heading  
h6 heading  
head document metadata container  
header header  
hgroup heading group  
hr thematic break  
html root element  
i offset text conventionally styled in italic  
iframe nested browsing context (inline frame)  
img image  
input input control  
input type=text text-input field  
input type=password password-input field  
input type=checkbox checkbox  
input type=radio radio button  
input type=button button  
input type=submit submit button  
input type=reset reset button  
input type=file file upload control  
input type=hidden hidden input control  
input type=image image-coordinates input control  
input type=datetime global date-and-time input control  
input type=datetime-local local date-and-time input control  
input type=date date input control  
input type=month year-and-month input control  
input type=time time input control  
input type=week year-and-week input control  
input type=number number input control  
input type=range imprecise number-input control  
input type=email e-mail address input control  
input type=url URL input control  
input type=search search field  
input type=tel telephone-number-input field  
input type=color color-well control  
ins inserted text  
kbd user input  
keygen key-pair generator/input control  
label caption for a form control  
legend title or explanatory caption  
li list item  
link inter-document relationship metadata  
map image-map definition  
mark marked (highlighted) text  
menu list of commands  
meta metadata  
meta name name-value metadata  
meta http-equiv=refresh “refresh” pragma directive  
meta http-equiv=default-style “preferred stylesheet” pragma directive  
meta charset document character-encoding declaration  
meta http-equiv=content-type document character-encoding declaration  
meter scalar gauge  
nav group of navigational links  
noscript fallback content for script  
object generic external content  
ol ordered list  
optgroup group of options  
option option  
output result of a calculation in a form  
p paragraph  
param initialization parameters for plugins  
pre preformatted text  
progress progress indicator  
q quoted text  
rp ruby parenthesis  
rt ruby text  
ruby ruby annotation  
s struck text  
samp (sample) output  
script embedded script  
section section  
select option-selection form control  
small small print  
source media source  
span generic span  
strong strong importance  
style style (presentation) information  
sub subscript  
summary summary, caption, or legend for a details control  
sup superscript  
table table  
tbody table row group  
td table cell  
textarea text input area  
tfoot table footer row group  
th table header cell  
thead table heading group  
time date and/or time  
title document title  
tr table row  
track supplementary media track  
u offset text conventionally styled with an underline  
ul unordered list  
var variable or placeholder text  
video video  
wbr line-break opportunity  

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