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Bagot impatient, fed up  
kaligtaan Omit, Neglect  
tamasa Enjoying wealth or health  
Lagot cut off, break  
parable ibinadya  
maano please, may it be  
ligid encricled, surrounded  
magimbot, imbot, maimbot covetuous, greedy, selfish  
kapintasan fault  
kapatagan plain  
karahasan violence  
natamo, nakamit gains  
kalagan, lumubay unbind, unfasten, untie  
hagip, nahagip hit by a moving object  
pagal fatigue  
pikahin provoke, irritate  
lawak, malawak expanse, extent, area, extensive, vast  
calm, loose lubay, malubay  
to pay attention to maglimi  
natulala, tulala gawking, dazed  
yumapos hug  
included, attached kalakip  
lulan cargo, loag, passengers  
threshing floor giikan  
bulalas outburst  
tuklasin discover  
hinanakit resentment  
ipilit insist  
on the contrary bagkus  
a bundle, to tie, something tied bigkis  
bigkas pronunciation  
fill a hole with earth itabon, tumabon  
lusaw melt, liquid state, beating of eggs  
making a clearing to pass through hawi, nahawi  
fortress, hiding place kuta  
trouble, preoccupation ligalig, maligalig  
panatag calm  
mapanatag settle  
ipanatag to calm down  
shout or urge to make a person go away or do something now taboy, itaboy  
lumandi, kiri, umalembong flirt  
folded arms on chest, surround enemy salikop  
anxiety pagaagam agam  
buntong-hininga, hinagpis sigh  
sorrow, loneliness, gloomy kalumbayan  
misfortune, calamity kasamaang palad  
baklas, binabaklas, binaklas force open  
sumingit, singit to cut in  
magngingitngit, nagngingitngit anger, angrily  
hangos, humangos, humangos gasping for breath  
garalgal, gumagaralgal,gumaralgal husky, raspy voice, jar  
halang, nakahalang crosspiece, barrier, barricade  
namuo, namumuong falling (tears)  
pagtatalop peeling  
binalingan, ibaling, magbaling to turn in a new direction  
corrupt, rotten, influenced by bribes nasasuhulan, suhulan  
file, stay in line, row hanay, humanay  
contraction meaning he said, she said aniya  
laho disappear  
dubious, of questionable chracter kahina-hinala  
tumbok, matumbok, natumbok hit right on,  
to suspect, suspicion hinala  
bulabog disturbance, tumult  
assent paghinuhod, hinuhod  
punahin fault, criticize  
caring for the poor kandili  
inflow, influx, torrent, deluge dagsa  
space below, downstairs lapag  
not on purpose, accidental hindi sinasadya  
seashore dalampasigan  
sumidhi, tumindi, lumala become great or more intense  

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