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A or Ax Axillary (armpit temp.)  
AROM Active Range of Motion  
a.c. Before meals  
ADL Activities of daily living  
ad lib At Liberty  
AEB As evidenced by  
A.M. Midnight to 12 noon  
B&B Bowel and pladder program  
b.i.d. Twice a day  
BKA Below Knee Amputation  
BM Bowel movement  
BP Blood pressure  
BRP Bathroom privileges  
c.c Cubic centimeter  
C/O Complains of  
CMS Color, circulation, motion, sensitivity  
CVA Stroke  
DAT Diet as tolerated  
DNR Do not resuscitate  
h./hr Hour  
H2O Water  
HOB Head of bed  
HOH Hard of hearing  
h.s Bedtime/hour of sleep  
Ht Height  
I&O Intake and output  
MI Myocardial infarction  
Na Sodium  
NKA No known allergies  
NPO Nothing by mouth  
O Oral  
O2 Oxygen  
OT Occupational Therapy  
Oz Ounce= 30 cc  
p.c After meals  
Peri Perineal  
P.M. 12 noon to midnight  
PT physical therapy  
p.r.n as needed  
PROM Passive range of motion  
Px Physical examination  
q Every  
q.d Every day  
q.h Every hour  
q.4.h Every 4 hours  
q.i.d Four times a day  
R Rectal  
Rt Right  
SBA Stand by assist  
Sx Symptoms  
w/o, s̄ Without  
SOB Shortness of breath  
stat Immediately  
TC & DB Turn cough and Deep breath  
t.i.d Three times a day  
TPR Temperature, pulse, and respiration  
Tx Treatment  
V.S Vital sign  
W/C Wheelchair  
Wt Weight  
Less than  
Greater than  
Greater than  
Less than  
Weight Wt  
Wheelchair W/C  
Vital sign V.S  
Treatment Tx  
Temperature, pulse, and respiration TPR  
Three times a day t.i.d  
Turn cough and Deep breath TC & DB  
Immediately stat  
Shortness of breath SOB  
Without w/o, s̄  
Symptoms Sx  
Stand by assist SBA  
Right Rt  
Rectal R  
Four times a day q.i.d  
Every 4 hours q.4.h  
Every hour q.h  
Every day q.d  
Every q  
Physical examination Px  
Passive range of motion PROM  
As needed p.r.n  
Physical therapy PT  
12 noon to midnight P.M  
Perineal Peri  
After meals p.c  
Ounce=30 cc Oz  
Occupational therapy OT  
Oxygen O2  
Oral O  
Nothing by mouth NPO  
No known allergies NKA  
Sodium NA  
Myocardial infarction MI  
Intake and Output I&O  
Height Ht  
Bedtime/hour of sleep h.s  
Hard of hearing HOH  
Head of bed HOB  
Water H2O  
Hour h./hr  
Do not resuscitate DNR  
Diet as tolerated DAT  
Stroke CVA  
Color, circulation, motion, sensitivity CMS  
Complains of C/O  
Bathroom privileges BRP  
Blood pressure BP  
Bowel movement BM  
Below Knee Amputation BKA  
Twice a day b.i.d  
Bowel and bladder program B&B  
Midnight to 12 noon A.M.  
As evidenced by AEB  
At liberty ad lib  
Activities of daily living ADL  
Before Meals a.c.  
Active range of motion AROM  
Axillary (armpit temp.) A or Ax  
Cubic centimeter c.c  

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