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κατανοέω to observe; consider closely  
κλάω to break  
κοινοω to make common, defile  
μεριζω to divide  
νοέω to understand  
προσδέχομαι to receive, welcome  
ταπεινόω to humble  
ἡ κληρονομιά inheritance  
ὁ λύχνος lamp  
ἡ μακροθυμία patience  
το μέτρον measure  
το μύρον perfume  
ὁ όφις snake  
ἡ ὄψια evening  
το πετεινον bird  
ὁ Σαδδουκαιος Sadducee  
ὁ σεισμος earthquake  
ὁ σιτος wheat, seed  
το ταλαντον coin (talent)  
ἡ φυσις nature; kind  
κοινος, η, ον common, defiled  
κωφος, ν, ον mute, deaf  
μακρόθεν far (away)  
ξενος, η, ον strange  
φρονιμος, ον wise, shrewd  
χωλος, ν, ον lame  

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