3rd Vocab list

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chikai near  
mijikai short  
nagai long  
oishii delicious  
takai expensive  
tooi far  
tsumetai cold  
yasui inexpensive  
itsumo always  
yukkuri slowly  
bangohan dinner  
boushi hat  
densha train  
kami (2) hair  
konpyuutaa computer  
koto thing abstract  
kumo cloud  
mono thing concrete  
otoko man  
onna woman  
okaasan mother  
otousan father  
shoujo young girl  
shounen young boy  
tomodachi friend  
tabemono food  
ude arm  
kuchi mouth  
sumu to reside  
dekiru to be doable  
kore this  
sore that  
are that over there  
dore which  
kono this  
sono that  
ano that over there  
dono which  

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