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CPE Bach sonata development Foundation of fast-slow-fast, allegro-tempo di menuetto-rondo form. Melodic charm, expressive power, lightness of touch, bold harmonies.  
Haydn sonata development Contains elements of CPE (empfindsam, sturm und drang, etc.). Larger scope in size + expressiveness. Sense of humor.  
Mozart sonata development Melodicism and nuance. More refined articul/ortament-ation. Development sections introduce new material or develop things other than the main theme. Rondo movements are expanded.  
Beethoven sonata development Used elements founded by CPE, Haydn, and Mozart. Dynamic contrasts, rhythmic drive, and use of motives.  
Beethoven characteristics not found in Mozart/Haydn Greater heights of innovation, experimentation, and expression. Greater use of pedal. Bebung effect. Daring harmonic schemes and profundity.  
Topics 1-7 Alla turca; ombra; Tempesta/fantasia; Sturm und drang; Empfindsamer stil; Dances, Opera buffa/opera seria  
Topics 8-13 Brilliant style; Orchestral tutti; Pastoral; Military/battle; Fanfare; Hunting  
Empfindsamer stil "sensitive style"- expression of deep emotions  
Sturm und drang "storm and stress"- minor key, unpredicable changes in tempo/dynamics. Drama  
Age of Reason Ancient greco and roman ideals- symmetry, balance, clarity. Homophonic textures, simple melodies.  
Characteristics of Classical Period 4-bar phrases, more pronounced articulation/dynamics/mood indications. Size + scope of sonata increases. 3-movement fast-slow-fast. 1- sonata allegro / 2-slower ABA / 3 rondo or sonata allegro  

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