'du' compounds

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sing du adewu (revised)
answer du ansa (revised)
love du ámolof (revised)
check du chek (revised)
play a game du dzhogem (revised)
free du ferí (revised)
engage a device du fo wong (revised)
practice du fosh wowk (revised)
set a course du gut da we (fo) (revised)
turn off du nago (revised)
space so. du kuxaku wamang (revised)
lose (fail) du losh (revised)
require du mowteng fo (revised)
name du nem (revised)
register du nem X (ere) (revised)
wait du pasa tim (revised)
inquire du pegunta (revised)
piss du pish (revised)
jump du push (revised)
apologize du sensa (revised)
sleep du sheláf (revised)
initiate du sherú (revised)
chat du showxa (revised)
mess with du suchok wit (revised)
cheat du terampa (revised)
smile du towsh bik (revised)
shoot du tung (revised)
join/rendezvous du wang wit (revised)
weld du welte (revised)
hate du xeta (revised)
hit, strike du xite (revised)
marry du xom (wit) (revised)
vomit du xow (revised)

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