Dead balls - immediate or delayed

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Illegal pitch Immediate - ball  
HBP Immediate - batter +1  
Pitch touches runner Immediate - all runners +1  
Illegally batted ball Immediate - batter out, runners return  
Intentional double-hit ball Immediate - batter out, runners return  
Uncaught foul Immediate - runners return to bases occupied at time of pitch  
Interference by runner or retired runner Immediate - Interferer is out, and one more when DP prevented  
Interference with fielder by runner on foul fly Immediate - Batter out, runner out when DP prevented  
Interference by others connected with team Immediate - Runner is out, other runners return  
Fair ball over fence in flight, or prevented by spectator or detached equipment/illegal glove Immediate - +4  
Fair ball touches spectator Immediate - award/penalize per judgment  
Fair ball OOP or lodged Immediate - all runners +2 from pitch  
Fair ball touches runner* Immediate - Hit runner is out, batter awarded 1B, other runners return  
Fair batted ball touches upmire* Immediate - batter awarded 1B, others return unless forced  
Thrown ball goes OOP Immediate - all runners +2  
Pitch or throw by pitcher from plate OOP or lodged Immediate - all runners +1  
Umpire handles ball Immediate - runners return  
Fair or foul ball caught and carried OOP Immediate - all runners +1, unless caught for 3rd out  
Infielder intentional drop* Immediate - batter out, runners return  
Balk Immediate - all runners +1  
Umpire gives "do not pitch" signal Immediate  
IBB Immediate - batter awarded 1B  
Batter enters box with illegal bat Immediate - Batter is out, coach restricted, then ejected  
Batter refuses to enter box Immediate - Strike  
Interference by batter who hits throw from pitcher* Immediate - Runner is out, unless 2 outs, then batter  
Ball touches media area Immediate - +2 on fair batted ball or non-pitcher throw, +1 on pitcher throw/pitch  
Defensive Malicious Contact Immediate - umpire's judgment on ruling and awards  
Batter contacts the catcher prior to pitch Immediate - no penalty  
Interference by batter (not at home) Delayed  
Interference by batter (play at home, not hitting throw) Delayed  
Obstruction with batter by catcher or fielder Delayed  
Obstruction Delayed  
Touching batted ball with detached equipment Delayed  
Touching thrown ball with detached equipment Delayed  
Offensive attempts to cause balk Delayed - Runners return, eject offender  
Interference with catcher by upmire Delayed  
Removing helmet in live ball area during live ball Delayed  
Use of illegal glove Delayed  

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