Chapter and Verse for sections and important rules

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Players, Field, and Equipment Rule 1  
Playing Terms and Definition Rule 2  
Substituting, Coaching, Bench & Field Conduct Rule 3  
Starting and Ending Game Rule 4  
Dead Ball, Suspension of Play Rule 5  
Pitching Rule 6  
Batting Rule 7  
Baserunning Rule 8  
Scoring, Record Keeping Rule 9  
Umpiring Rule 10  
Positions of Players 1.1  
Bats, Balls, & Gloves 1.3  
Uniforms 1.4  
Player Equipment 1.5  
Foul, Foul Tip 2.16  
Strike Zone 2.35  
Charged Conferences 3.4  
Dead Ball 5.1  
Suspension of Play 5.2  
Wind-up 6.1.2  
Stretch 6.1.3  
Pitcher Infractions 6.2  
Balk 6.2.4  
Strikes, Balls, and Hits 7.2  
Batting Infractions 7.3  
Batter is Out 7.4  
Becoming a Runner 8.1  
Touching, Occupying, and Returning to a base 8.2  
Baserunning Awards 8.3  
Runner is Out 8.4  
Out of the basepath 8.4.2.a  
Failure to slide 8.4.2.b (also 2.32)  
Defensive appeals 8.2.6  
Overrunning 1st 8.2.7  
How a team scores 9.1  

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