Poshtu vocab from lesson 2 of “speaking conversational Poshtu”

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Alman West German  
aw And  
As Hourse  
Bad Bad, of poor quality, faulty  
balAkght Pillow  
Dagha This (near Ish)  
dA This (near)  
drUnd Heavy  
dangur Thin  
gwul Flower  
ghAt Large, fat  
Hagha Demonstrative (far)  
Inglistan England  
Kaghaz Paper  
kitAb Book  
Khkwul-ey Handsome, beautiful, pretty  
lanD Short  
mEz Table/desk  
mOgak Mouse  
moTur Car  
nar-Ey Thin, mild  
na-pOh Unintelligent  
na-rogh Sick, unhealthy  
pakistan Country of Pakistan  
Pinsul Pencil  
pOh Wise, intelligent, Smart  
pusu Sheep  
qalam Pen  
Rang Color  
ROgh Healthy/well  
Sp-ey Dog  
spIn White (revised)
Spuk Light/dishonorable  
Stur-Ey Tiered  
sUr Red;hot, scorching  
swIs Switzerland  
ShEy Thing  
shIn Green  
Tsu What?  
Tsunga How,in what manner  
tOr Black  
tOshack Mattress  
tug-Ey Thirsty  
Ugud Long  
war Door  
waRUk-ey Small, little  
wug-Ey Hungry  
xarAb Bad/spoiled  

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