Hebrew Vocabulary

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אֹזֶן ear  
אַיִן whence  
אֶל motion to direction towards  
אַל prohibition, do not let not  
אֱלֹהִים angels God  
אִם if  
אמן faithfulness;  
אמר utter, say  
אֲנִי I  
אָנֹכִי I  
אֲרוֹן chest, ark  
אֶרֶץ earth, land  
אֲשֶׁר (rel. pron.) who, which, that; (conj.) that; with  
כַּאֲשֶׁר as, when  
אֵת with  
בְּ in, with, through  
בְּאֵר שֶׁבַע Beersheba  
בוא come in, come, go in, go  
בין discern  
בַּיִת house  
בֵּן son  
בֹּקֶר morning  
גדל grow up, become great  
גלה reveal  
דבר speak  
דָּבָר speech, word  
דֶּלֶת door  
דָּן this, that  
הַ the  
הוּא he, she he (she, it, they) himself (herself, itself, themselves) that (those)  
היה fall out, come to pass, become, be  
הֵיכָל palace, temple  
הלך go, come walk  
הֵם they  
הִנֵּה lo! behold!;  
וְ so, then, and consecutive that so that so, then  
זֶבַח sacrifice  
חָזוֹן vision  
חלל bore, pierce  
טוֹב pleasing, good  
טֶרֶם not yet, ere, before that  
ידע know  
יהוה Yahweh  
יוֹם day  
יכל be able, have power, prevail, endure  
יסף add  
יצב set station oneself, take one’s stand  
יָקָר precious, rare, splendid, weighty  
ירא fear  
יִשְׂרָאֵל Israel  
כְּ the like of, like, as before  
כבה be quenched, extinguished, go, out light of eyes  
כֹּה thus, here  
כהה be grow dim, faint  
כֵּהֶה be grow dim, faint  
כחד (Ni.) be hidden, effaced; (Pi.) to hide, conceal; (Hi.) to efface  
כִּי because, for  
כֹּל the whole, all  
כלה to stop, come to an end; be finished, completed; to vanish, fade away, perish; (Pi.) to complete, bring to an end; cease to; consume, destroy  
כֵּן thus, as follows  
כפר (Pi.) to appease, make amends; to make atonement; bribe; ransom  
לְ to, for, in regard to direction towards reference to  
לֹא not  
מָה what? how? aught  
מִן out of, from, on account of, off, on the side of, since, above, than, so that not Out of  
מִנְחָה gift, tribute, offering  
מָקוֹם standing-place, place  
מַרְאָה vision  
נָא I (we) pray, now  
נָבִיא spokesman, speaker, prophet  
נגד be conspicuous  
נַעַר as a shaking, scattering  
נפל fall, lie  
נֵר lamp  
עֶבֶד slave, servant  
עַד even to, until  
עוֹד a going round, continuance still, yet, again, besides  
עוֹלָם long duration, antiquity, futurity  
עָוֹן iniquity, guilt punishment of iniquity  
עַיִן eye  
עֵלִי Eli  
עִם with  
עשׂה do, make  
פָּנֶה face faces  
פַּעַם beat, foot, anvil, occurrence  
פרץ to make a split or breach; to break through, down, or out; breach, gap.  
פתח open  
צלל (den. from צֵל?) to become shady or dark; (Hi.) to give shade  
קום arise, stand up, stand  
קלל be slight, swift, trifling  
קרא to call, shout, summon, proclaim, announce, (with בְּ) to recite, read  
ראה to see, understand; (Ni.) to appear, become visible, present oneself; (Hi.) to show someone  
רוץ run  
שׁבע swear  
שׁוב turn back, return  
שׁכב to lie down; to have sexual intercourse  
שִׁלֹה contented  
שָׁם there, thither  
שְׁמוּאֵל Samuel  
שׁמע hear  
שְׁנַיִם two  
שׁפט judge, govern  
שׁרת minister, serve  

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