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That's about the size of it. That is correct, more-or-less.  
not about to... to be unwilling to (do something).  
buzzword words that are currently popular in business jargon  
What about ____ ? used when making a suggestion or offer. Instead of $10, what about $5?  
ace a person who has a great skill in the stated activity  
aces a worthy person 'is aces.'  
apple of one's eye the most popular or most-liked person or thing.  
to cost an arm and a leg very expensive  
arty artistic, at least on the surface.  
I thought as much! I thought so.  
be left holding the bag to be left to deal with sthg difficult or nasty even if sthg is another person's responsibility.  
the ball is in [somebody]'s court it's sb's turn to do sthg.  
to play ball to cooperate with some sort of situation. 'play ball. we know you did it; just tell us.'  
Sb's bark is worse than his byte Sb is not as bad or bad tempered as he seems.  
be/have bats in the belfry to be crazy  
Be seeing you! Goodbye!  
be sold on sthg to accept sthg as good.  
bite sb's head off to talk to or answer sb in a rude and angry way.  

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