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nine nio  
ninth nionde  
another, other annan, annat  
to talk to tala, talar (I) med  
today idag  
quite ganska  
at home hemma  
to look titta, tittar (I)  
to look at, watch titta på  
television en TV, TV:n  
football en fotboll, fotbollen (2)  
foot en fot, foten (3*)  
ball en boll, bollen (2)  
to finish, end sluta, slutar (I)  
to believe, think tro, tror (III)  
a moment ett ögonblick, ögonblicket  
eye ett öga, ögat (*)  
glance, look en blick, blicken (2)  
to begin, start börja, börjar (I)  
to see se, ser (*)  
to meet, see (each other) ses, ses (*)  
half halv, halvt  
at half past six klockan halv sju  
a friendlier form of hi! hejsan!  

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