Vocabulary List - Adjectives

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laki big  
pa?it bitter  
ngitit black  
lay?ip cold  
lali? deep  
?idap difficult  
dinat dirty  
mo?mo dull  
ta?ang far  
taba? fat  
bango? fragrant  
ngid good  
biyat heavy  
?amot hot  
bitil hungry  
kadang long  
labong many  
hapiy narrow  
haliy near  
bayo new  
tibya red  
tadim sharp  
bing skinny  
kandi small  
lino? smooth  
ahim sour  
toyong straight  
lam?ih sweet  
kugpa thick  
inpih thin  
kapiy weak  
baha? wet  
puti? white  
way wide  
holyaw yellow  
hikaw strong  

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