8th vocab list

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ni at/in/on  
aru to exist, be located at (nonliving)  
iru to exist, be located at (living)  
hiroi wide  
omae you (disrespect,casual)  
minna everyone  
chikara power  
hitsuyou necessary  
asa morning  
jibin yourself/oneself  
kage shadow  
ki spirit, energy  
kokoro heart  
kotae answer  
makoto truth  
pasokon computer  
tsukue desk  
miru impossible  
saigo last, the end  
ookii big  
chiisai small  
noru to ride  
tekagen suru to hold back  
tasukeru to recue  
tamesu to test  
mukau to face, to head for  
tomaru to stop  
kikoeru to be heard  
korosu to kill  
tsukeru to attach  
jibun no one's own  
kanarazu without a doubt  
kesshite never  
--- nante such a thing, such as  
omae no saigo da! this is the end of you (your end is)  
kono mama as it is now  
sou desu yo that's the way it is  
ki ga suru to decide  
ki o tsukeru to be careful (attach some thought/energy)  
tenki weather (heaven's mood/spirit)  

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