APL expressions from Notation as a Tool of Thought

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ιω index generator : list of naturals (up to ω)  
+/ω sum reduction : sum of elements of ω  
+\ω sum scan : sums of prefixes of ω  
αρω shape : reshape ω with dimensions given by α  
Φω reverse : ω in reverse order  
α⋆ω exponential : pow(α,ω)  
α×ω multiplication : times(α,ω)  
α+ω addition : plus(α,ω)  
factorial : ω!  
negation : boolean inverse of ω  
⋆ω exponentiation: exp(ω)  
α∧ω conjunction: α and ω  
α∨ω disjunction : α or ω  
÷ω reciprocal : 1/ω  
negation : -ω  
α┌ ω maximum : max(α,ω)  
α└ ω minimum : min(α,ω)  

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