Chapter 2

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all- all, every  
Arbeit work  
arbeiten to work  
behandeln to handle, treat, deal with  
bei at  
Beispiel example  
betrachten to observe  
Blut blood  
Buch book  
denken to think  
europäisch European  
Familie family  
fast about, almost  
gebrauchen to use, employ  
Geld money  
gesund healthy  
heißen to be called, be named  
heute today  
jetzt now  
kalt cold  
kennen to know, be acquainted with  
Kind/-er child  
Kindheit childhood  
leben to live  
Leben life  
Licht light  
machen to do, make, cause  
Mann man, husband  
meist most  
Mensch mankind, human being, person  
Monat month  
nein no  
neu new  
öffnen to open  
Pflanze plant  
regnen to rain  
sterben (stirbt, starb) to die (dies, died)  
Tier animal  
ungefähr approximately  
untersuchen to examine, investigate  
versichern to insure  
viel much  
Welt world  
wenig little, few  
Woche week  
z.B. (zum Beispiel) e.g. (for example)  

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