common cations and anions

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Hydroxide OH⁻  
Chloride Cl⁻  
Nitrate NO₃⁻  
Acetate CH₃COO⁻  
Bicarbonate HCO₃⁻  
Sulfide S²⁻  
Oxide O²⁻  
Sulfate SO₄²⁻  
Carbonate CO₃²⁻  
Hydrogen H⁺  
Sodium Na⁺  
Potassium K⁺  
Ammonium NH₄⁺  
Silver Ag⁺  
Calcium Ca²⁺  
Iron(II) Fe²⁺  
Copper Cu²⁺  
Lead Pb²⁺  
Iron(III) Fe³⁺  
Aluminum Al³⁺  

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