Ch. 4

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also thus, therefore  
ander- other, different  
aus out of, from  
beschreiben to describe  
bretragen (beträgt) to amount to, come to, be  
bis until  
Brief letter  
dein yours, your  
dritt- third  
durch through by  
enthalten (enthält) to contain, include  
essen (isst) to eat  
fallen (fällt) to fall  
Form form, shape, type  
frei free, unconnected  
für for, in favor of  
geben (gibt) to give  
es gibt there is, there are  
Hauptfach major field (of study)  
heutig present  
ihr her, its, their  
Ihr Your  
kurz short  
mein my, mine  
Mitarbeiter co-worker  
nach after, to  
Nebenfach minor field (of study)  
nur only  
schreiben to write  
sehen to see  
sein his, its  
sonder but (rather)  
Sonne sun  
Stamm tribe, stem  
Studium studies of university  
über over, about  
Umwelt environment  
unser our  
verändern to change  
Volk (-ër people, nation  

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