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Admonish to caution or advise against something, mildly scold  
Breach an opening or gap, rupture, rift  
Brigand A bandit, robber  
Circumspect careful, cautious  
Commandeer to seize for military use  
cumbersome clumsy  
deadlock a standstill  
debris wreckage  
diffuse to spread or to scatter freely  
efface to wipe out  
muddle to make a mess of  
opinionated stubborn and unreasonable  
perennial lasting a long time  
predispose to incline to beforehand  
relinquish to let go  
salvage to save from fire or shipwreck  
spasmodic sudden and violent but brief  
spurious not genuine  
unbridled uncontrolled  
adjourn to stop precedings temporarily  
alien a citizen of another country  
comely having a pleasing appearance  
compensate to make up for  
dissolute loose in ones morals  
erratic not regular or consistent  
expulsion the process of driving out  
feint deliberately deceptive movement  
fodder food for horses  
fortify to strengthen  
illegible difficult to read  
jeer to make fun of rudely  
lucrative bringing in money  
mediocre average, ordinary  
proliferate to increase or spread rapidly  
subjugate to conquer by force  
sully to soil, stain  
tantalize to tease  
terse brief  
unflinching firm, no signs of fear  
abridge to make shorter  
adherent follower or supporter- attached, sticking to  
altercation angry argument  
cherubic angelic  
condone to overlook  
dissent to disagree  
eminent famous, outstanding  
exorcise to drive out by magic  
fabricate to make or manufacture  
irate angry  
marauder raider or plunderer  
obesity excessive fatness  
pauper extremely poor person  
pilfer to steal in small amounts  
rift to split  
semblance a likeness  
surmount to overcome  
terminate to bring to an end  
trite overused, stale  
usurp to seize and hold a position by force or without right  
abscond to run off and hide  
access admittance to places and special things  
anarchy lack of government  
arduous hard to do  
auspicious favorable  
biased favoring one side  
daunt to overcome with fear  
disentangle to free from tangles  
fated determined in advance  
hoodwink to mislead by trick  
inanimate not having life  
incinerate to burn to ashes  
intrepid very brave  
larceny theft  
pliant easily influenced  
pompous overly self important in speech and manor  
precipice very steep cliff  
rectify to make right  
reprieve temporary relief or delay  
revile to attack with words  
accomplice person who takes part in crime  
annihilate to destroy completely  
arbritrary unreasonable  
brazen made of brass, shameless  
catalyst substance that causes/hastens a chemical reaction  
exodus large scale departure/flight  
facilitate to make easier  
incorrigable beyond control  
latent hidden  
militant given to fighting  
morose having a gloomy or sullen manor  
opaque not letting light through  
paramount chief in importance  
prattle to take in an aimless, foolish, or simple way  
rebut a rebuttle (fight back)  
reprimand to scold  
servitude slavery, forced labor  
slapdash careless and hasty  
stagnant inactive, sluggish, dull  
succumb to give way to superior force  

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