Ch. 6

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allein alone, only, but  
Aufstand revolt  
Bauer farmer, peasant  
bestehen aus to consist of  
bestimmt certain, definite  
brauchen to need, require  
bzw. (beziehungsweise) or, respectively  
damals at that time, in those days  
denken to think  
denken an to think about  
eng narrow  
entdecken to discover  
Erklärung explanation, declaration  
folgen to follow  
geben to give  
es gibt there is  
gegen against, toward  
gemäß according to  
glauben to believe  
immer always, ever  
war schon immer has always been  
jemand somebody, anybody  
kaum hardly  
Kirche church  
Lage position, situation  
meinen to opine, state an opinion, to think  
Meinung opinion  
menschlich human, humane  
möglich possible  
Möglichkeit possiblity  
nennen to name  
niemand nobody  
ohne without  
Regierung government  
Reich empire, state, realm  
seit since  
sowohl . . . wie both . . . and, not only . . . but also, . . . as well as  
um (+time) around, about, at  
unterstützen to support  
Unterstützung support  
verstehen to understand  
während in the course of, during  
wegen because, of  
Werk work, plant  
Zeit time  

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