Spanish 3 Vocab

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el bienestar well-being  
crecer to grow  
la engergia energy  
mantenerse sano to be healthy  
relajarse to relax  
saludable healthy  
la alimentacion nourishment  
el alimento food  
balanceado bananced  
la caloria calorie  
la dieta diet  
nutritivo nutritious  
el atletismo athlete  
entrenarse to train  
estirarse to stretch  
el estres to sweat  
aconsejar to advise  
el consejo advise  
acostarse to lie down, to go to bed  
arreglarse to get ready  
cepillarse el pelo to brush ones hair  
quitarse la ropa to take off ones clothes  
afeitarse to shave oneself  
banarse to take a bath  
despertarse to wake up  
ducharse to take a shower  
lavarse to wash oneself  
lavarse los dientes to brush ones teeth  
levantarse to get up  
maquillarse to put on makeup  
peinarse to comb one's hair  
ponerse la ropa to get dressed  
secarse to dry oneself  
el desodorante deodorant  
lacio straight (hair)  
la locion after shave lotion  
el maquillaje makeup  
el perfume perfume  
rizado curly hair  
el cepillo hairbrush  
el cepillo de dientes toothbrush  
el champu shampoo  
el jabon soap  
el pasta de dientes toothpaste  
el piene comb  
el secador de pelo hair dryer  

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