Narrating In The Present

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Ahorrar (Dinero/Tiempo) To Save (Money/Time)  
Alquilar (Videos) To Rent ( Movies)  
Charlar To Chat  
Cuidar (a) ninos To Baby-Sit  
Dibujar To draw  
Eschuchar Musica To Listen to music  
Faltar (a clase/al trabajo) To be absent (from class/work)  
Flirtear/coquetar To Flirt  
Gastar (dinero) To spend (money)  
Mirar (la) television To watch TV  
Pasar la noche en vela To Pull an All-nighter  
Pasear al perro To Walk The Dog  
Probar (O-UE) To Taste/ To Try  
Sacar buena/mala nota To Get good/bad grade  
Trasnochar To Stay Up all night  
Devolver (O-UE) To return (something)  
Escoger To Choose  
Hacer Investigacion/dieta To do Research/ To be on a diet  
Poder ( O-UE) To be able to, can  
Soler (O-UE) + infinitive To Usually Do + Verb  
Volver ( O-UE) To Return  
Asistir (a clase/ a una reunion) To attend (class/ a meeting)  
Compartir To Share  
Contribuir To Contribute  
Discutir To Argue : To Discuss  
Mentir ( e-ie,i) to lie  
Salir bien/mal ( en un examen) To do well/poorly ( On an exam)  
Seguir ( Instrucciones/ a +alguien) e-i to follow ( instructions, someone)  
acostarse ( O-UE) To go to bed  
afeitarse (la barba, las piernas) To Shave  
arreglarse To make oneself presentable  
banarse To Bath  
cepillarse (el pelo/ los dientes) To Brush ( Hair, Teeth)  
despertarse (e-ie) To Wake Up  
Desvestirse(e-i, i) To undress  
dormir (O-UE, U) To Sleep  
ducharse To Shower  
Lavarse ( el pelo/ las manos) To wash  
Maquillarse To Put on Make Up  
Peinarse To Comb  
Ponerse la camisa/ la falda To Put on a shirt  
Prepararse ( para) To Prepare Oneself  
Probarse ropa (o-ue) To try on clothes  
quitarse la camisa/ la falda To Take of a shirt  
secarse ( el pelo) To Dry off  
Sentarse To sit down  
Vestirse To get dress  
aburrirse to become bored ( with)  
acordarse (O-UE) to remember  
caerse to fall down  
callarse to shut up  
darse cuenta ( de) to realize  
despedir (de) ( E-I,I) to say good-by (to)  
divertirse ( E-ie) to have fun  
enfadarse/enojarse to get mad  
equivocarse to make a mistake  
interersarse (por) to be interested in something  
irse (de) to go away from ( to leave)  
Olvidarse ( de) to forget  
preocuparse to worry about/ to take care of  
quejarse (de) to complain about  
reirse( e-i) to laugh at  
sentirse ( e-ie) to feel  
ir a una disco (discoteca)/ ir a bailar to go to a club/to go dancing  
sacar a bailar alguien to ask someone to dance  
pasar tiempo con alguien to hang out with someone  
pedir algo de tomar to order something to drink  
ir a un bar to go to a bar/ cafe  
ir al cine to go to the movies  
ir a un concierto to go to a concert  
sacar/comprar entradas to get/to buy tickets  
sentarse en la primera fila to sit in the front seat  
ir detras del escenario to go backstage  
el revendedor scalper  
ir a los videojuegos to go to the video arcade  
dejar plantado/ a alguien to stand someone up  
ligar to pick someone up ( at a bar, club)  
pasear a buscar/recoger a alguien to pick some up at home  
pasear con el auto to go cruising  
quedar a una hora con alquien to meet at an agreed upon time  
reunirse/juntarse con amigos to get together with friends  
salir a dar una vuelta to go cruising/ for a ride/ for a walk  
tener un contratiempo to have a delay ( that causes one to be late)  
llamarle la atencion to attract someone's attention  
ser un pesado to be a bore  

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