Ch.8 part 1

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an/fangen to begin  
an/ziehen to attract  
Aufgabe task, problem, duty  
aus/wandern to emigrate  
Bau construction, building  
Besitzen to possess, have  
Bruder brother  
daher therefore, hence  
dar/stellen to represent, depict  
Eigenschaft property, quality  
einfach simple, simply  
ein/laden to invite  
ein/nehmen to take up, occupy  
ein/teilen to divide, classify  
Entdeckung discovery  
Erziehung education, upbringing  
Grundzug main feature, characteristic  
Heimat home, homeland  
kaum hardly  
Kraft power, force, strength  
Reise trip  
sofort immediately  
statt/finden to take place, occur  
Umweltschultz environmental protection  
um/ziehen to move  

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