French cards for my first quiz in French year 1

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Bonjour! Hello!  
Salut! Hello! (inf)  
Ca va? How are you?  
Oui, ca va bien I'm well (I'm fine)  
Pas mal Not bad  
Comme ci, comme ca Okay; not too bad; so-so  
Mal Not good; Bad  
Au revoir Good-bye  
A bientot See you soon  
A tout a l'heure See you in a bit; See you later  
A demain See you tomorrow  
Je m'appelle... My name is...  
Comment vous appelez-vous? What's your name? (formal)  
Comment t'appelles-tu? What's your name? (informal)  
Je vous (te) presente... This is...  
Enchante(e) Pleased to meet you  
Commet allez-vous? How are you (formal)  
Commet vas-tu? How are you (informal)  
Et vous? And you? (formal)  
Et tu? And you? (informal)  
Je vais... I am... (formal)  
S'il vous plait Please  
Merci Thanks  
Merci bien Thank you very much  
De rien You're welcome  
Il n'y a pas de quoi You're welcome  
Algerien(ne) Algerian  
Anglais(e) English  
Americain(e) American  
Canadien(ne) Canadian  
Francais(e) French  
Marocain(e) Moroccan  
Martiniquais(e) from Martinique  
Mexicain(e) Mexican  
Quebecois(e) from Quebec  
Seneglais(e) Senegalese  
Suisse Swiss  
Vietnamien(ne) Vietnamese  
Qui est-ce? Who is it?  
C'est That's... It's...  
Voici Here is  
Voila There is  
J'adore... I love...  
J'aime bien... I like...  
J'e n'aime pas tellement... I don't really like...  
Je deteste... I hate...  
detester to dislike, to hate  
diner to have dinner  
jouer (au tennis) to play...  
parler to talk  
regarder to look at  
rentrer to return  
telephoner to call  
travailler to work  
visiter to visit (a place)  
d to, at, in  
de from, of, about  
avec with  
pour for  
et and  
ou or  
mis but  
aimer to like, to love  
ariver to arrive  
ecouter to listen to  
etudier to study  
habiter (a) to live (in)  
inviter to invite  

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