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Bong Girl Beefeater Wet, Ciroc, a splash of Lillet and an orange twist.  
Smoke Gets in Your Eyes Hendrick's gin with a wash of single malt scotch and a lemon twist.  
Mercer Island Teat Grey Goose, Bombay Sapphire, Bacardi and Sauza Hornitos.  
Blueberi Martin Stolie Blueberi, lemon, lime, simple syrup topped with a brandy-marinated berry melange.  
Esteban Monopolowa potato vodka, Campari, Grand Marnier, fresh lemon juice.  
Mango Cosmopolitan Malibu Mango with simple syrup, cranberry, fresh lemon and lime.  
Catholic Schoolgirl Jameson's with lime, lemon, cranberry juice, simple syrup and a cherry.  
Apothecary Tanqueray, Green Chartreuse, Sweet Vermouth and Peychaud's bitters.  
Marguerite Monopolowa potato vodka, splashes of Stoli Razberi and Galliano, lavender infused simple syrup, with a cinnamon and clove rim.  
Grapefruit Drop Monopolowa potato vodka, fresh grapefruit juice and simple syrup.  
Right-Hand Man Maker's Mark, orange juice, simple syrup and Angostura bitters.  
Sly Wink Beefeater Wet, Stoli Peach, with a splash each of Lillet and Tuaca.  
Glasnost A Stoli martini with a Maker's Mark wash.  
Dreamsicle Stoli Vanil, orange juice, and a grenadine float.  
Bittersweet Romance Sauza Blanco, Campari, a splash of peach schnapps, simple syrup, grapefruit, and a flamed orange zest.  

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