IPA Consonant Definitions

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p = pay Stop-Plosive, Place 1: Bilabial, Voiceless, Cognate Partner = b, possibly Aspirated, + m = Nasal Plosion  
b = bay Stop-Plosive, Place 1: Bilabial, Voiced, Cognate Partner = p, + m = Nasal Plosion  
t = tan Stop-Plosive, Place IV-A: Alveolar, Voiceless, Cognate Partner = d, possibly Aspirated, + n = Nasal Plosion, + l = Lateral Plosion, +  
d = dan Stop-Plosive, Place IV-A: Alveolar, Voiced, Cognate Partner = p, + n = Nasal Plosion, + l = Lateral Plosion, +  
k = con Stop-Plosive, Place VI: Velar, Voiceless, Cognate partner = g, possibly Aspirated  
g = gone Stop-Plosive, Place VI: Velar, Voiced, Cognate partner = k  
ts = chin Affricate, Place IV-B: Alveolar, Voiceless, Cognate Partner = dz  
dz = gin Affricate, Place IV-B: Alveolar, Voiced, Cognate Partner = ts  
m = my Nasal Continuant, Place I: Bilabial, Voiced, No Cognate Partner, p or b + = Nasal Plosion  
n = know Nasal Continuant, Place IV-A: Aveolar, Voiced, No Cognate Partner, t or d + = Nasal Plosion, +  
ng = sing Nasal Continuant, Place VI: Velar, Voiced, No Cognate Partner, t or d + = Nasal Plosion  
l Lateral, Place IV-A: Alveolar, Voice, No Cognate Partner, t or d + = Lateral Plosion  

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