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inorganic compound compound of all elements other than the organic compounds of carbon (NaCl)  
chemistry The study of matter and the changes it can undergo  
basic science pursuit of scientific knowledge without the goal of a practical application  
applied science science with a well defined short-term goal of solving a specific problem  
technology application of scientific knowledge in the context of industrial production, our economic system, and our societal goals  
energy the capacity for doing work or causing change  
molecular formulas chemical formualas that represnt molecules with atom symboles and subscripts (h20)  
structural formula chemical formulas that show the connections between atoms in molecules as straight lines ( o=c=o)  
chemical formula written combination of element symboles that represent the atoms combined in a chemical compound  
diatomic molecules molecules combined of two atoms  
potential energy energy in storage by virtue of postion or arrangment  
kinetic energy the energy of objects in motion  
organic compound compounds of carbon with hydrogen and derivatives of these compounds  
macroscopic large enough to be felt seen and handled  
microscopic visible only with the aid of a microscope  
nanoscopic in the range of nanometer. atoms + molecules are in the nanoscopic size range  
chemical compounds pure substances composed of stoms of defferent elements comined indeffinite, fixed ratios  
molecule the smallest chemical unit of a compound that retains the composition and properties of the compound can exist independtly  
products substances formed as a result of chemical reaction  
reactants substances that undergo chemical change in a chemical reaction  
chemical reaction process in which one or more pure substances are converted to one or more different pure substances  
mass the measure of the amount of matter in an object  
physical properties prperties that can be observed w/out changing the identity of a substance  
chemical properties properties that result in chemical reactions and changes the identity of one or more reactancts  
solutions homogeneous mxtures which may be in the solid liguid or gaseous state.  
homogeneous mixtures uniform in compisition  
heterogeneous mixtures nonuniform in compistion ( choco chip-cookie)  
density mass per unit volume  

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