Using Templates and Drop Zones

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How do you access Motion's templates? Choose File > Open Template or press Command-Shift-O. In the Template Browser, choose a theme, choose a template, and click the Open Template button.  
What parts of a template can be modified in Motion? Typically you replace the text and the drop zones, but a template is just a Motion project, so you can add, delete, and modify any layer, group, or effect.  
How do you replace the default content in a drop zone? Drag a media file from the File Browser to the Canvas; when the desired drop zone is highlighted, release the mouse button. Alternatively, you can drag the new file to the drop zone layer in the Layers tab, wait for the reset button (the hooked arrow icon), and release the mouse button.  
How can you create a new drop zone in a project? Choose Object > New Drop Zone or press Command-Shift-D to add a new drop zone. To convert an existing media file to a drop zone, select the layer; then, in the Image tab of the Inspector, select the Drop Zone checkbox. Optionally, you can clear the current contents with the Clear button, which will replace the contents with the default drop zone graphic.  
What Final Cut Studio applications can use Motion Templates? Motion and Final Cut Pro.  

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