Thoth Tarot Card Attributions

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Trump 0 The Fool  
Trump 1 The Magus  
Trump 2 The Priestess  
Trump 3 The Empress  
Trump 4 The Emperor  
Trump 5 The Hierophant  
Trump 6 The Lovers  
Trump 7 The Chariot  
Trump 8 Adjustment  
Trump 9 The Hermit  
Trump 10 Fortune  
Trump 11 Lust  
Trump 12 The Hanged Man  
Trump 13 Death  
Trump 14 Art  
Trump 15 The Devil  
Trump 16 The Tower  
Trump 17 The Star  
Trump 18 The Moon  
Trump 19 The Sun  
Trump 20 The Aeon  
Trump 21 The Universe  
Two of Wands Dominion  
Three of Wands Virtue  
Four of Wands Completion  
Five of Wands Strife  
Six of Wands Victory  
Seven of Wands Valour  
Eight of Wands Swiftness  
Nine of Wands Strength  
Ten of Wands Oppression  
Two of Cups Love  
Three of Cups Abundance  
Four of Cups Luxury  
Five of Cups Disappointment  
Six of Cups Pleasure  
Seven of Cups Debauch  
Eight of Cups Indolence  
Nine of Cups Happiness  
Ten of Cups Satiety  
Two of Swords Peace  
Three of Swords Sorrow  
Four of Swords Truce  
Five of Swords Defeat  
Six of Swords Science  
Seven of Swords Futility  
Eight of Swords Interference  
Nine of Swords Cruelty  
Ten of Swords Ruin  
Two of Disks Change  
Three of Disks Works  
Four of Disks Power  
Five of Disks Worry  
Six of Disks Success  
Seven of Disks Failure  
Eight of Disks Prudence  
Nine of Disks Gain  
Ten of Disks Wealth  

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