This is --/ This is --'s --

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kore wa __ desu this is a ____.  
sore wa __ desu that is a ____.  
__ no __ __'s ___ (possesion)  
ka ?  
gakusei student  
kaishain office worker  
shufu house wife  
enpitsu pencil  
boorupen ball point pen  
pen pen (like fountain or calligragy)  
kamera camera  
tekisuto textbook  
e huh  
biru large building  
aa oh!  
danchi apartment complex  
zenbu all  
juutaku residence  
hee hmmm  
are wa nan desu ka? what's that?  
iie no  
rajio radio  
--dewa arimasen (jya) that is not a ---  
mo too (replaces wa/ga)  
kore wa dare no desu ka? whose is this?  
kono-- this --  
sono-- that --  
ano-- that over there --  
tabako cigarette  
megane glasses  
shinbun newspaper  
kasa umbrella  
jitensha bicycle  
kurama car  
hikooki airplane  
nani what  
dare who  
Nihon Japan  

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