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Life expectancy at birth refers to The age at which half of a cohort will still be living and half dead  
Many physical systems, tissues, and cells become more susceptible to injury and disease with advanced age. This increased susceptibility is known as Senescence  
Which animal shows very little senescence even when kept in captivity Turtles  
Which myth is still very much with us today Gerontological  
One major reason for the continuing increase in number of older adults is the great increase in birth rate that immediately followed WWII and lasted for close to 20 years. This large group of persons is known as the Baby Boom Generation  
With respect to physical changes with advanced age, most individuals Show some changes but not others  
The Hayflick number is the Maximum number of cell divisions for cells of a given species  
Which country has the largest proportion of adults over the age of 65 Sweden  
If you believe that our developmnent is mostly determined by our genes and that the environment plays a very small part, you would be holding the _____ side of this view of development Nature  
Wrinkling of the skin as one grows older seems to be due to Less flexible connective tissue under the skin  
The class of genetic disorders with symptoms that resemble very rapid aging and that appear early in life are referred to as Progeria  
With respect to the relative influence of genetics and environment on longevity the general conclusion is that Genetics plays a bigger role than environment  
A researcher finds that age is negatively correlated with alcohol consumption. This means that older adults Drink less than younger adults  
The disorder in which bones become very fragile and which occurs most frequently in older white women is known as Osteoporosis  
Which hormone is a regulator of biological rhythms Melatonin  
A research strategy to assess the importance of genetics for longevity has been to Examine the historical records of families  
What is a frequent stereotype of an older adult Confused  
The size of what increases with advanced age Nose and ears  
Garbage accumulation theories claim that waste products build up as we grow older and cause senescence. What is one of these accumulating waste products Free radicals  
What is the recommended BMI 20 to 35  
Analyses of stereotypes of older adults in print media have found that one of the most frequent negative portrayals is that of Sexual dysfunction  
Men and women are very different in the aging of their _____ systems Reproductive  
A major difference between programmed and unprogrammed theories of senescence is that programmed theories Claim that senescence follows a predetermined plan  
Restriction of _____ has been found to increase longevity for rats and monkeys Calories  
Which of the following is an effective way to relax and has been found to lower blood pressure and decrease heart rate Meditation  
Older adults are frequently advised to increase the amount of _____ that they use or take Calcium, B12, and skin lotion  
Individuals who live to be very old are likely to be people who Adapt well to change, are generally optimistic, and maintain good social relationships  
One factor that is strongly related to longevity is the amount of _____ that a person has Social support  
All other things being equal, which type of person is likely to live the longest A white woman  
The most frequent chronic condition for older adults is Arthritis  
Some research suggests that it may not be obesity itself that is damaging to health but instead Lack of exercise that accompanies obesity  
The best exercise for prevention of osteoporosis in older adults is Weight bearing exercises  
What is the worst thing you can do if you want to live a long and healthy life Smoke Cigarettes  
Aspirin is a fairly effective agent for reducing the risk of stroke and heart attack in some cases but also carries the risk of promoting Brain hemorrhage  
All other things being equal which person is likely to live the longest Drinks a beer or two every day  
The agent in cigarettes that promotes cancer is Tar  
Which ethnicity has the longest life expectancy Asian  
The gender gap in longevity refers to the finding that females usually live longer than males  
A possible positive effect of moderate alcohol consumption is that it may Raise the good level of cholesterol  
Free radicals are Highly reactive molecules  
Older adults are most likely to have difficulty telling the difference between colors like Blue and Green  
What is not one of the three types of long term memory discussed in the text Metamemory  
A general proficiency at cognitive tasks is called Intelligence  
An example of a projective test of personality is the TAT  
Which aspects of vision are likely to change with advanced age Dark to light adaptation, Peripheral vision, and contract sensitivity  
Grandfather has a difficult time learning the names of some new friends that you brought over to meet him. This difficulty is probably due to A slow down in the rate at which he can process new information  
On which subtest of the WAIS would an older adult be likely to score the highest General comprehension  
WHat are McAdam's levels of personality description Traits, identity, personal concerns  
When one looks at traffic accidents for older adults as a function of miles driven, one finds that older adults Have a much higher accident rate  
Which component of long term memory is most likely to show lower performance by older adults Episodic  
Older adults are more likely to score higher than younger adults on tests of Crystallized  
What are the dimensions of in the five factor theory of personality Neuroticism, Extraversion, Openness to experience, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness  
A decline in hearing during old age occurs more frequently for Men than women  
Retrieval from _____ memory does ot appear to be a problem for older adults Working  
Wisdom is defined as Expertise at life  
A person is very well organized, has high standards, and has a lot of self discipline would probably score very high on measures of which trait Conscientiousness  
The type of taste bud that usually shows the greatest loss in older adults is Sweet  
One pharmacological aid that shows promise for improving memory, particularly for those with serious memory problems is Gingko biloba  
What is thought to be necessary for the development of wisdom Having enough experience, having the right kinds of experience, and having the right kind of personality  
A person who is very practical, traditional, and set in their ways would probably score low on measure of which trait Openness to experience  
Older adults with extensive cell loss in their vestibular system are likely to have difficulty Maintaining balance  
Metamemory refers to knowledge about one's own memory  
What type of person is likely to score high on a test of wisdom An old psychiatrist  
Which level of personality description is assumed to change with age Personal concerns  
Older adults have the greatest difficulty understanding speech when Other people are talking, static noise is occuring, or speech has been recorded  
A major reason for older adults' high recall of events early in life is that Early events are often first time events  
Erikson's major disagreement with Freud was that Erikson believed that personality developed throughout life  
Compared to younger adults, the rate at which critical flicker fusion occurs for older adults is A slower presentation rate  
A palm pilot is an example of which type of memory aid Explicit, external  
Lehman found that peak productivity for persons in most disciplines occured in the late 30's to early 40's  
Generativity refers to The feelings one has about helping future generations  
Decreased blood flow in older adults is one possible reason for Slower central processing  
Erikson suggested that people who do not achieve generativity, experience Stagnation  
WHat seems to remain relatively stable over the adult years Personality traits  
Identity refers to one's Continuing and coherent sense of self over time  
One's awareness of self identity seems to Increase as one grows older  
Androgyny means that an indivisual has High levels of both masculine and feminine traits  
Midlife crises seem to occur For most men  
Age differences in coping strategies to presented stories are most likely when Emotional content is very high  
Measures of life satisfaction have generally found that older adults Are as satisfied as younger adults  
What is not a possible cause for Parkinson's disease Smoking  
The group of family members and friends that are closest to use are called our Social Network  
A difference between the social networks found for women and men is that Women place more peopl in their inner circle than men do  
One of the more common disorders among older adults is Depression  
Grandparents raising one or more of their own grandchildren are more likely than grandparents not so involved to exhibit what Depression  
In terms of an older adult's well being, what is most important Friends  
The length of time that a person has Alzheimer's is Unknown at present  
The most frequently found pattern of marital satisfaction has found that it is lowest During the years of child rearing  
The proportion of grandparents who have spent time raising one or more of their grandchildren is More than 10%  
Which of the follopwing is known to be caused by a virus AIDS dementia complex  
Those who maintain close contact with other people tend to have Higher levels of life satisfaction, lower levels of physical impairments, and healthier cardiovascular and immune systems  
What is not one of the tests used to assist in the diagnosis of a cognitive disorder Memory for Digit Span  
The only way to be certain of a diagnosis of Alzheimer's is to Perform an autopsy  
In diagnosing Alzheimer's, what is NOT one of the changes in the brain that is crucial Clogged arteries  
A disturbance in brain metabolism caused by medication can result in Acute Organic Brain Syndrome  
New cases of schizophrenia are most frequent among which age group Young adults  
The treatment in which a recording of a family member's voice is played for an agitated dementia patient is referred to as Simulated presence therapy  
A year or two after retirement man retired persons settle into which phase of retirement Retirement routine  
Every evening when it begins to get dark, Manon becomes confused and agitated. This increase in confusion and agitation is known as Sundown Syndrome  
What group has the highest suicide rate Old white men  
What is NOT one of the five symptoms of a cognitive disorder Impaired perception  
A problem that some married couples experience but that does not seem to be a strong indicator of a future divorce is when one or both persons Insist on spending time alone  
The divorce rate is higher for people who Have parents who divorced, live together before marrying, and marry young  
Older adults in differnet cultures name the same person as their primary source of support. That person is the Spouse  
When support is needed, who are more likely to provide emotional support CLose Friends  
Tennyson said "it is better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all." Some current research suggests that Just the opposite is true  
When couples who have been married for a very long time have been asked why their marriage has lasted, the most frequent reason given by both husbands and wives is that My spouse is my best friend  
About what percentage of older adults report feeling very or often lonely 10%  
An important factor in the social networks found for gay and lesbian couples is that people placed in the inner circle tend to Be aware of the individual's sexual orientation  
Age differences in alcohol abuse could be a cohort effect because older cohorts Lived through the years of prohibition  
Which neurotransmitter is affected in Parkinson's disease Dopamine  
Miranda is a 66 year old retired manage who worked over 40 hours a week in a high stress job. After retiring she terminated her membership to the spa. The new bike that she got as a retirement gift has not been ridden. Miranda is in what phase of retirement Rest and relaxation  
Grandparents report that one of the most rewarding aspects of being a grandparent is the Feeling of immortality, chance to spoil the grandchildren, and remembrance of one's own childhood and grandparents  
A deficiency in what can produce symptoms that resemble dementia Vitamin B12  
Which neurotransmitter is affected in Alzheimer's Disease Acetylcholine  
One of the more promising treatments for Alzheimer's disease is Immunization against amyloid  
Which person is most likely to experience Alzheimer's A 70 year old black woman who is a nurse  
When divorced people are asked what problems led to the divorce one of the most frequently mentioned problems is Communication  
A main reason for lower reported levels of sexual activity in older adults is It's social unacceptability and associated negative stereotypes  
What disease is known to be caused by a gene Pick's  
What is the average length of marriage 10 years  
A longitudinal study was done from 1975 to 1995. Over 300 people were studied and not one of those experienced which phase of retirement Disenchantment  
When your good friend Leo needed help with shopping you provided it. You also assisted by giving him a ride to many of the places he needed to go. Researchers says you provided what kind of support Instrumental  
The frequency of anxiety disorders among older adults is _____ among younger adults Lower than  
Sexual activity is more likely in older adults who are better educated, have higher self esteem, and have good social networks  
People in poor health are more likely to be socially isolated because Social isolation leads to lower health status and people who are ill often dont want to be with other people  
Which dementia is caused by a series of continuing and small strokes Vascular  
With respect to remarriages they are less likely to succeed than first marriages  
Which type of elder abuse has received the least amount of attention from researchers Emotional  

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