Unit 5

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dollar/piece (M)  
dollar/first (M)  
dime (M)/ feather, fur (N)  
dime (M)/ horn, angle (N)  
cheap (SV) 便宜片  
expensive (SV)  
thousand (#)  
ten thousand (#)  
how much (?) 多少  
add (V)  
total (N) 一共  
can (mental ability) (AV/V) 能n  
to buy (V)  
to sell (V)t  
long (SV)  
square/side (N)  
big/great (SV)  
shape (N)  
red (SV)r  
blue (SV)  
square (N)s 四方形  
triangle (N) 三角形  
rectangle (N) 长方形  
circle (N) 圆形  
size (N) 大小  
kind (N)  
how (?) 怎么  
very (adv) 听v  
slow (SV)  
color (N) 颜色  
flower (N)  
flower/cloud (M)  
news (N)  
newspaper (M)f  
paper (N)  
candy (N)  
plural (M)  
painting (N)  
painting,table,paper,photo (M)  
book (M)  
book (N)  
give (as a gift) (V)  
to/for (CV) give (V)t  
to look for (V)  
(makes sentence a suggestion)  
to teach (V)  
box (M)/(N) 盒(子)  
bottle (M)/(N)b 瓶(子)  
bag (M)/(N) 袋(子)  
rope (N) 绳子  
little note (N) 条子  
long thin thing,leg,pants (M)  
ball (N)  
toy (N) 玩具  
clothing (N) 衣服  

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