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King Henry 8th He signed the Magna Carta, giving more rights to British Nobles.  
Queen Elizabeth 1st Queen of England, the English Renaissancee florished during her time.  
William Shakespear He was an English Dramatist (actor) and poet; considered one of the greatest writers in the English lanquage.  
Lorenzo Medici Ruler of Florence during the Renaissance and patron of artists such as Michelangelo.  
Petrarch Italian Renaissance poet and Humanist  
Michelangelo Italian Renaissance sculptor, painter, architect, and poet.  
Leonardo da Vinci Italian Renaissance artist, inventor, and scientist.  
Nicolaus Copernicus Polish astonomer, in 1514 he discovered that earth and the other planets revolved around the sun.  
Florence A city in present day Italy, one of the great centers of Renaissance art.  

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