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Rigging is the process of________ hanging a point  
Name the 5 primary tools a rigger uses to hang a point Sing,shackles,rings, burlap bags, fall protection  
What is a sling? Wire rope that has some sort of fittings for connections on each side  
Name 3 types of slings Wire rope, chain, web  
What are the three bow types for shackles? Chain, anchor, web  
what are the three pin types for shackles? screw, nut and bolt, round  
What are the three types of rings used for rigging? round, pear, oblong  
What does SATC stand for? Special Theatrical Alloy Chain  
Why do riggers carry so much rope around? used to pull rigging equipment to working height  
What are burlap bags used for when rigging a point? Used to cut down friction between the I-Beam and the sling  
Who mandates that riggers wear Fall Protection Systems when working above a height of six feet? OSHA  
__________are the most common types of load bearing support in arenas. I-Beams  
What are the three most common types of Hitches used to hang a rigging point from an I-Beam? Basket, Direct, Choker  
Name three ways that you can hang a load somewhere other than directly below an I-Beam Breastline on Object, Breastline on Cable, Bridle  
Name two methods used to hang rigging points from I-Beams that are flush with the ceiling above them? I-Beam trolley, I-Beam clamp  
Name 4 types of lifts used in the entertainment industry. Scissor, articulating boom, telescoping, aerial work platforms  

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