English Vocabulary, level 3

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Cylinder An object in the shape of a tube or pipe  
Examine To look at closely  
Fatal Causing Death  
Feature An important or special part of something  
Grasp To take ahold of something tightly with the hands  
jet A stream of liquid or gas that is forced at high speed through a small opening  
marine Having to do with the ocean or with ships and boats  
scar A mark on the skin that is left after a cut or other wound has healed  
tentacle A long, thin part that grows out from the head of some sea animals  
vessel A ship or large boat  
attract to bring or draw closer  
attractive Pleasing to the eye or mind  
attraction Something that draws attention  
crew A group of people working together, especially one that runs an airplane or large vessel  
dangle To hang loosely  
drift A pile of sand or snow created by moving air or water  
event Something that happens, especially something important  
launch An open motorboat that is used for short distances  
opposite Very different from  
reverse Back to front  
signal An object, action, or sound that gives a message or a warning  
steer A young bull  
ambition A strong wish to be good at something or to have something  
auction A public sale  
coast The land beside the sea  
current A flow of air, water, or electircity  
frail Weak, not very strong  
intelligent Able to learn, think, and understand quickly and easily  
novel A long story about people and events that are imagined by the author  
resident A person who lives in a certain place  
starve To be very hungry or to suffer because of not eating any food  
volunteer A person who offers to do a job, usually without pay  
average The usual amount or kind of something  
border A dividing line between two states or countries  
cocoon The silky case that a caterpillar makes to protect itself for a time before it becomes a moth or butterfly  
flutter To wave or flap quickly but not regularly  
moisture A small amount of water or other liquid,  
moist Damp or slightly wet  
nectar A sweet liquid produced by many flowering plants  
process A number of steps that one takes in order to do or make something  
span To stretch from one side to the other  
suitable Fit or right for some purpose or event  
timber Wooded areas with trees that can be used for wood products  

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