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to whittle to form by making small notches, as with a knife  
delight a feeling of great pleasure  
to outstretch to spread out as far as possible  
graceful moving in a controlled, attractive way or having a smooth  
to grin to smile widely  
palm the inner surface of the hand between  
to wail to make a long loud high cry  
sour having a taste like that of a lemon or of fruit that is not ready to eat  
rooftop the outside part of the roof of a building  
perched sitting  
crinkly having a lot of thin folds or lines  
permanent lasting for a long thime or for all time in the future  
awkward feeling of embarrassment  
nerve feelings of worry or anxiety  
to flop to fall in a heavy and sudden way  
to declare to say sternly, often officially or publicly  
swirly moving around quickly in a circle  
scurry to run with quick short steps  
organized placed in an efficient order ; involving large numbers of people who work together to do something in a way that has been carefully planned  
to fold to bend something, especially paper or cloth, so that one part lies on top of another part  
banshee a female spirit who gives a long sad cry as a warning to people that somebody in their family is going to die soon  
to swallow to make food, drink, etc. go down your throat into your stomach  
to strike to hit with force  
to tempt to attract somebody or make somebody want to do or have something, even if they know it is wrong  
decoration a thing that makes something look more attractive on special occasions  
refreshment drinks and small amounts of food that are provided or sold to people in a public place or at a public event  
trigger anything that causes a reaction, often an intense reaction such as with a gun  
armrest the part of some types of seats, especially in planes or cars which supports your arm  
to allow to let something happen on purpose  
to crumple to crush something into folds  
to awaken to wake up  
to peel to take the skin off fruit  
nylon a very strong artificial material, used for making clothes, rope, brushes, etc.  
to bolt to lock or secure using a long, narrow piece of metal  
to pluck to pick with precision  
to snatch to take something quickly and often rudely or roughly  
to plop to drop something into another, such as a rock plops into water  
to prepare to make something or somebody ready to be used or to do something  
equipment the things that are needed for a particular purpose or activity  
to waft to move gracefully and lightly  
to overwhelm to have such a strong emotional effect on somebody that it is dufficult for them to resist or know how to react  
poster a large notice, often with a picture on it, that is put in a public place to advertise something  
fear the bad feeling that you have when you are in danger, or when a particular thing frightens you  
to unwrap to remove any layer that covers an object, such as to unwrap a gift from the box  
to scald to burn yourself or part of your body with very hot liquid or steam  
practically considered equal although it is not equal  
to sear to burn the surface of something in a way that is sudden and powerful  
unattached not married or involved in a romantic relationship  
gravity the force that attracts objects in space towards each other, and that on the earth pulls them towards the center of the planet, so that things fall to the ground when they are dropped  
to gawk to stare at rudely  
forehead the part of the face above the eyes and below the hair  
to gaze to look steadily at something for a long time  
to curl to make something into the shape of small rings  
impulse a sudden strong wish or need to do something, without stopping to think about the results  
precious rare and worth a lot of money  
to pretend to behave in a particular way, in order to make other people believe something that is not true  
cemetery an area of land used for burying dead people  
escort a person or group of people or vehicles that travels with somebody/something in order to protect or guard them  
shelter the fact of having a place to live or stay, considered as a basic human need  
to huddle to gather closely together, usually because of cold or fear  
niche a comfortable or suitable role, job, way of life, etc.  
gesture a movement that you make to show a particular meaning without words  

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