ESL Vocabulary from Harry Potter

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grovel v to beg, typically on one's knees  
recoil v to move your body quickly away from something because you find them unpleasant  
implore v to ask somebody to do something in an anxious way because you want or need it very much  
flit v to move lightly and quickly from one place or thing to another  
gaunt adj very thin, usually because of illness, hunger or worry  
utmost adj greatest; most extreme  
revulsion n a strong feeling of disgust or horror  
cringe v to move back and/or away from somebody because you are afraid; to feel embarrassed about something  
splint n a long piece of wood or metal that is tied to a broken arm or leg to keep it still or in the right position  
vermin n insects or other creatures that eat the flesh of dead animals; a person who is considered among the lowest forms of human  
ginger n,adj light brownish-orange color  
wince v to suddenly make an expression with your face that shows you are feeling pain or embarrassment  
enthusiasm n 1. a strong feeling of interest in something and a desire to become involved in it  
revive v To bring back to life or to wellness  
loll v 1. to lie, sit or stand in a lazy, relaxed way  

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