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energy the capacity for doing work  
calorie the quantity of heat that raises the temperature of 1g of water to 1 degree celcius  
heat the energy that is transfered from one body to another  
joule the SI unit of energy; 4.184J equal 1 calorie  
heat capacity the quantity of heat required to change an objects temp. by exactly 1 degree celcius  
specific heat capacity the quantity of heat, in Joules or calories, required to raise the temp. of 1g of substance by 1 degree C  
endothermic process a heat-absorbing process  
exothermic process a heat dissipating process  
calorimetery the measurement of heat changes for chemical and physical processes  
diffusion the tendency of molecules and ions to move toward areas of lower concentration is uniform throughout the system  
partial pressure the pressure exerted by each gas in a gaseous mixture  

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