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What does the term Loop Unity Gain refer to? the point where a loudspeaker reinforcing a source and the sources level are equal at the mic capsule.  
How does feedback work? locks onto a frequency for which the loop path is in phase  
Name 3 things that factor into the potential for feedback. Mic Response, Acoustic Environment, Speaker Response  
What does the term equivalent acoustic distance refer to? could represent the distance of the closest listener, an arbitrary distance used to estimate needed acoustic gain  
What is potential acoustic gain? the amount of acoustic gain a system can achieve before feedback.  
When is a sound system considered to be sufficient in providing adequate SPL without feeding back? when the PAG is greater than or equal to the NAG  
How does changing the distance between the source and the mic affect acoustic gain? double the distance loose 6db, half the distance gain 6db  
How does the number of open mics on stage affect acoustic feedback? more mics less gain before feedback, double the mics lose 3db  
Describe 5 ways we can improve gain before feedback. use as few mics as possible, mic as close to the source as practical, take advantage of mic and speaker directionality, place speakers as close to the listener as practical, maximize the distance between the mics and speakers  
What is critical distance? point where direct sound is equal to reverberant sound  
What is EMI? electromagnetic interference, hum and buzz  
In what four ways is EMI transmitted or introduced into an audio system? Magnetic Field Coupling, Electric Field Coupling, Electromagnetic Radiation (RFI), Common Impedance Coupling  
What are some ways we can reduce levels of EMI? Figure 8 cables, cross cables of 90 degrees, Shields, Fix Pin One Problem, Shields, seperation,  
What is a balanced interconnection? Isolation  
Give Two Examples of Isolation. Transformer, Optical  
Explain how a balanced differential input is able to reduce EMI? through common mode rejection  
What is the common system used for technical grounding in an audio system? Isolated star grounding  
Why is it dangerous to use an ac ground lift adapter? they disconnect the chassis, with no connection to ground a fault current would flow through the first person to touch the device.  
What is the Pin 1 problem? XLR input and output pin 1 tied to circuit ground  
What is the solution to the pin 1 problem? tie XLR input and output Pin 1 directly to the chassis ground  
What is the Maximum recommended length of an unbalanced cable run? 10 feet  
Balanced? equal impedance compared to ground  
What are the tree primary factors determining power loss in speaker cable runs? length, load, and gauge  
Name some commonly used speaker connectors used by professional sound companies. NL4-8, EP/AP-4,6,8, and Power  
What is reactance? Frequency dependent resistance, pushing and pulling  
How does reactance affect a speaker cable? Frequency response  
What does the 5% rule state? cables resistance should never exceed 5% of load resistance  
What is Damping Factor? a numerical indication of how well an amplifier can control a loudspeakers motion  
What is the main responsibility of a booking agent? get the artist price from promoters and book the band into the appropriate venue, represent the artist when contracts are drawn up between them and the promoters buying the show  
What does a contract rider contain? performance requirements specified by the band and managment  
What does a tour itinerary contain? show dates and cities, venue sizes and capacties, routing, contracts, personel lighting  
Name some job duties of a tour manager. In charge of tour, oversee travel planning and lodging, take care of band and entourage, oversee merchandise, enforce contract  
Name some job duties of a production manager. In charge of tour personnell, equipment transportation, setup production office, advance, dressing rooms  
Name three important things a production manager considers when taking bids from equipment vendors. Labor requirements/rigging points, Price, Experience of crew and company  
What are some things a prodcution manager will advance for a tour. Tech rider, stage plot and input sheets, seating, mix positions, venue policies and security  
What factors determine crew salaries for a tour? Experience, network, and budget  
Name some advantages using a digital live console could provide. FX are already on board in the console, internal processors, configure the console to your needs, smaller racks (no fx racks), multiple bands on one console, flexible patching  
What is the name of the software used in the Yamaha DM 2000? studio master  
What is MADI? multi channel audio digital interface  
Explain the digital offset feature on the Digico D-5. 2 control surfaces have ability to control 1 set of preamps.  
What is a plugin? software effect.  

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