Moby Dick, or The Whale

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thence from that place  
loiter to linger aimlessly  
clinch to settle  
deliberate carefully weighed  
robust strong and healthy  
torment to worry  
judicious using or shoing judgement at to action  
broil to cook by direct heat  
cajole to persuade by flattery or promises  
unbiased not fair  
duly in a due manner  
nigh near in space  
dubious doubtful  
pulpit raised structure in church  
dilapidate to allow  
queer strange  
palsy any of a variety of atonal muscular conditions  
sash long band  
leviathan a sea monster  
aggregate formed by conjunction  
sojourn to stay for a time in space  
hump mountain ranges  
spout stream  
dismal causing gloom  
hammock a hanging bed or a couch  
kink a twist  
inexplicable explained  
tenpin a form of bowling  
dint power  
trouser lose fit pants  
vengeance infliction of injury  
baton a rod of lightweight metal fitted with a weighed bulb at each end  
tawny of dark yellowish  
spermaceti a pearly white waxy translucent obtained from the oil in the head of the sperm whale  
perennial lasting  
mahogany tropical American trees  
serene calm  
maim to deprive of the use of some of the body by wounding  
specimen a part  
embalm to keep in memory  
dexterity skill  
wight a human being  
talon a claw  
lament to feel sorrow  
billow a great wave  
vague not claerly  
crick a sharp painful spasm of the muscles  
hearken to listen  
concoct to prepare  
vigor active strength  
grotesque odd  
quaint having an old fashioned charm  
elastic capable of returning to it  
grotesque odd  
scowl to draw down  
squall a sudden violent gust of wind  
wilt to lose strength  
timber the wood of growing trees suitable for structual uses  
quaker a popular name for a member of the religious society of friends  
census a listing and property assessment of citizens  
indolent causing little or no pain  
idle not working or not active  
economical avoiding waste  
doubloon a former gold coin of spain  
dost 2nd person of do  
swindle to cheat out of money or other assets  
proportion comparative relation between things  
splice to join together  
lug to pull  
stiver a former nickle coin of the Netherlands  
celerity swiftby ness  
lance a long wooden shaft with a pointed metal head used as a weapon by knights and cavalry soldiers  
diligent constant in effort to accomplish something  
cologne a mildly perfumed toilet water  
fibre fiber  
apoplexy a sudden , usually marked loss of bodily function due to occulusion of a blood vessel  
dyspepsia to throw into disorder  
garnish to provide  
pilau rice cooked in meat  
lent past tense of lend  
wharf a structure built on the shore of  
deacon a member of the clerical order next below that of a priest  
dere dear  
glisten sparkle  
deficiency being absence of something needed  
mayhap perhapsle  
ineffable incapable of being expressed  
ambiguous open to  
astir moving  
wigwam an American Indian dwelling  
tong to lift  
whalebone an elastic horny substance growing in placr of teeth in the upper jaw of certain whales  
frantic desperate or wild  
doodad a decorative embellishment  
enshrine to inclose in  
cordage fiber and wire ropes  
slavish base, mean  
conspire to agree together  
epitaph a commemorative inscription on a tomb  
advocate to speak or write in favor of  
puss a cat  
womb the place in which anything is formed or produced  
ignominy disgraceful  
anguish acute distress  
didst 2nd person of do  
squire (in England) a country gentleman  
stubb reduced to  
craven a coward  
trudge to walk  
wrought worked  
residue the part of a testator's estate that remains after the payment of all debts, charges  
sacre devoted or deticated to a deity  
dina vindicated  
superstition a belief  
assert to state with confidence  
sole being the only way  
shroud a cloth  
woe trouble  
pivot a pin, point which something rests and turns  
ivory the hard white substance  
stool a single seat seat on legs  
genial warmly and pleasantly  
elapse to slip or to pass by  
aught anything whatever  
sentinel a person or thing that watches or stands as if watching  
emerge to appear out of or from behind something  
perpetual lasting for all time  
threshold the point at which something begins or changes  
berth a bed, usually built-in, on a ship or a train  
scuttle a small hatchway with a cover in the deck  
banister a handrail supported by posts running up the outside edge of a staircase  
cripple one that is partially disabled or lame  
kennel a place where dogs are bred and trained and where people can leave their dogs while they are away  
bulwark a structure such as a wall or fortification built to keep out attackers  
norse relating to ancient or medieval Scandinavia, or its people or culture  
lurch to lean or pitch suddenly to one side  
accost to approach and stop somebody in order to speak to that person  
cudgel a heavy stick used as a weapon  
slew Past tense of slay  
flask a small glass bottle, often with a long neck, of the type used in laboratory work  
cetology the branch of zoology concerned with the study of whales, dolphins, and related mammals  
zoology the branch of biology that involves the scientific study of animals and all aspects of animal life  
usurper to use something without the right to do so  
preliminary occurring before and leading up to something, especially an event of greater size and importance  
divisible able to be divided, especially without leaving a remainder  
derive to obtain something from a source, or come from a source  
rostrum the beak-shaped prow of an ancient Roman ship, especially a war galley  
hull the body of a ship, excluding other parts such as the masts and engines  
felony a serious crime such as murder that is punished more severely than a misdemeanor  
derive to obtain something from a source, or come from a source  
rostrum the beak-shaped prow of an ancient Roman ship, especially a war galley  
hull the body of a ship, excluding other parts such as the masts and engines  
felony a serious crime such as murder that is punished more severely than a misdemeanor  
subaltern an officer in the British Army of a rank below captain, especially a second lieutenant  
evince to show a feeling or a quality clearly  
imperial a tuft or point of hair grown on the chin or below the lower lip  
allude to refer to something or somebody indirectly, without giving a precise name or explicit identification  
dexterous characterized by ease and skill in physical movement, especially in using the hands and manipulating objects  
shaggy growing long and unevenly  
periodical published at regular intervals  
abstemious not indulging in or characterized by excessive eating or drinking  
sullen showing bad temper or hostility by a refusal to talk, behave sociably, or cooperate cheerfully  
edifice a large or complex structure or organization  
descry to catch sight of something  
cosy U.K. spelling of cozy  
stilt either of two poles with footrests high off the ground on which somebody balances and walks  
vagrant a wanderer who has no permanent place to live  
ascribe to believe or say that something was caused by a particular thing  
snug warm and comfortable  
ejaculate to eject semen from the penis during orgasm  
ebb to recede from the land, as the tide falls  
shroud something that covers or conceals something or somebody  
vehement expressed with or showing conviction or intense feeling  
maul to beat, batter, or tear at a person or animal  
vitality abundant physical and mental energy, usually combined with a wholehearted and joyous approach to situations and activities  
whelm to engulf or submerge something in water  
pewter a silver-gray alloy of tin and lead sometimes containing antimony and copper  
imp imperial  
keen finely tuned and able to sense minor differences, distinctions, or details  
malignant full of hate and showing a desire to harm others  
pennant a small narrow triangular flag displayed on boats and ships for identification and signaling  
falter to become unsure and hesitant  
banter lighthearted teasing or amusing remarks that are exchanged between people  
latent present or existing, but in an underdeveloped or unexpressed form  
dusk the period of the day after the sun has gone below the horizon but before the sky has become dark  
tonic a flavored and carbonated drink, served cold  
satiety a state in which somebody has had enough or too much  
wilt to droop or shrivel through lack of water, too much heat, or disease, or make a plant droop or shrivel  
crag a steep rough mass of rock forming part of a cliff or mountain peak  
quarrie an open excavation from which stone or other material is extracted by blasting, cutting, or drilling  
cove a small bay on the shore of the sea or a lake, especially one that is enclosed by high cliffs  
halyard a rope used to raise or lower something such as a sail or flag  
bowel the deepest or innermost part of something  
appalling causing shock or horror  
speculation a conclusion, theory, or opinion based on incomplete facts or information  
monomania an obsessive interest in a single thing, or a preoccupation with a single idea or thought  
bridal for or associated with brides or weddings  
smote past tense of smite  
delirious irrational as a temporary result of a physical condition such as fever, poisoning, or brain injury.  
torment to inflict torture, pain, or anguish on a person or animal  
lunacy behavior that is regarded as unintelligent, inconsiderate, or misguided, or an example of it  
abhorrent arousing strong feelings of repugnance or disapproval  
audacious bold, daring, or fearless, especially in challenging assumptions or conventions  
naught the number zero  
heighten to make something such as a feeling or emotion greater or more intense, or become greater or more intense  
heraldic belonging or relating to heraldry or heralds  
cohort a united group of people  
bailiff a court official whose tasks include supervising prisoners and keeping order in court during a trial  
pallid having an unhealthily pale complexion  
evoke to bring to mind a memory or feeling, especially from the past  
frantic in a state in which it is impossible to keep feelings or behavior under control, usually through fear, worry, or frustration  
conceit a high opinion of your own qualities or abilities, especially one that is not justified  
musk a pungent and greasy secretion from a gland in the male musk deer. Use: perfume manufacture.  
incantation the ritual chanting or use of supposedly magic words  
portentous very serious and significant, especially with regard to future events  
annihilation the complete destruction of something  
chap to become sore and cracked by exposure to wind or cold  
efface to remove or obliterate something by wearing away or rubbing out or some analogous process  
citation an official document or speech that praises somebody's actions, accomplishments, or character  
affidavit a written declaration made on oath before somebody authorized to administer oaths, usually setting out the statement of a witness for court proceedings  
miasmas a harmful or poisonous emanation, especially one caused by burning or decaying organic matter  
irascriable an association of nations, states, organizations, or businesses with common interests or goals  
renown widespread fame or honor  
allegory a work in which the characters and events are to be understood as representing other things and symbolically expressing a deeper, often spiritual, moral, or political meaning  
malice the intention or desire to cause harm or pain to somebody  
sperm a male reproductive cell gamete that has an oval head with a nucleus, a short neck, and a tail by which it moves to find and fertilize an ovum  
gainsaid to say that something is false  
mediterranean the Mediterranean Sea, or the lands bordering it  
gregarious very friendly and sociable  
lurk to move about furtively, or wait in a concealed position or a shadowy corner, especially with the intention of doing something wrong  
corporeal relating to or involving the physical body rather than the mind or spirit  
mutiny a rebellion against legal authority, especially by soldiers or sailors refusing to obey orders and, often, attacking their officers  
sultry oppressively hot and damp  
turban a man's headdress that consists of a long piece of fabric wrapped around the head or around a small cap, completely covering the hair, worn especially by some Sikhs and Muslims  
wallow to lie down and roll around in something  
erect in an upright position  
rivet : a fastener with a head attached to a metal shaft that is passed through a hole in a material and flattened on the other side  
tendency a way in which somebody or something typically behaves or happens, or is likely to react, behave, or happen  
negro an offensive term for a black person, often considered an acceptable term in historically established phrases such as baseball's Negro Leagues  
ostentation conspicuous or vulgar display of wealth and success, especially designed to impress people  
logger a person or company in the business of harvesting trees for wood  
interval a period of time between one event and the next  
ignite to set fire to something, or catch fire  
binnacle a support or mounting for a ship's compass  
inscrutable not expressing anything clearly and thus hard to interpret  
evangelical relating or belonging to any Protestant Christian church that emphasizes the authority of the Bible and salvation through the personal acceptance of Jesus Christ  
skewer a thin metal or wooden rod with a sharp end used to hold meat or meat and vegetables during cooking  
swamp an area of land, usually fairly large, that is always wet and is overgrown with various shrubs and trees  
welter a confused or jumbled mass of something  
tribulation great difficulty, affliction, or distress  
vicissitude the fact of being variable  
legatee a recipient of a bequest made in a will  
nautical relating to sailors, ships, or seafaring  
tranquil free of any disturbance or commotion  
hindmost farthest back, or last  
nook a quiet private place  
canonical relating to or belonging to the biblical canon or a canon of artistic works established as genuine and complete  
indulge to allow yourself or somebody else to experience something enjoyable  
beckon to signal to somebody to approach with a movement of the hand or head  
pallid having an unhealthily pale complexion  
banter lighthearted teasing or amusing remarks that are exchanged between people  
forbade Past tense of forbid  
inadequate failing to reach an expected or required level or standard  
nurture to give tender care and protection to a young child, animal, or plant, helping it to grow and develop  
provoke to make somebody feel angry or indignant  
tassel a bunch of loose parallel threads that are tied together at one end and used as a decoration, e.g. on curtains, cushions, or clothes  
twine string or cord made from threads or strands that have been twisted together  
flog to hit a person or animal very hard using something such as a whip, strap, or stick  
bowel the part of the digestive system between the stomach and the anus or cloaca that digests and absorbs food. In mammals, the small intestine digests and absorbs food from the stomach, and the large intestine then absorbs most of the remaining water in the food  
rig to fit out a boat or its mast with sails and rigging  
fluke something surprising or unexpected that happens by accident  
descry to catch sight of something  
scholar a learned person, especially an academic specialist in one area of knowledge  
trod past tense of tread  
inventive good at creating new things  
dromedary a camel with one hump.working, racing. Native to: North Africa, Southwest Asia  
manifold of many different kinds  
depict to describe or portray something in words  
fastidious concerned that even the smallest details should be just right  
flank the left or right side of a military formation  
implement a useful piece of equipment, usually a specially shaped object designed to do a particular task  
omnipotent possessing complete, unlimited, or universal power and authority  
strew to scatter something, especially carelessly or untidily  
petrify to cause a person or animal to become immobile with terror  
leviathan in the Bible, a large beast or sea monster  
canst an archaic form of the verb  
stiletto a small dagger with a narrow tapering blade  
bowsprit a beam that projects forward from the bow of a boat, to which the stays of the foremast are fastened  
brit the young form of some fish including the herring and the sprat  
stiletto a small dagger with a narrow tapering blade  
anaconda city northwest of Butte, in southwestern Montana. It was home to the world's largest ore-smelting plant until 1980  
disgorge to pour out liquid, gas, or other contents in a gushing stream  
abate to lessen or make something lessen gradually  
halter a woman's garment, worn between the shoulders and waist, that fastens or passes behind the neck and leaves the arms, shoulders, and back bare  
chronicle an account of events presented in chronological order  
hoist to raise or lift somebody or something up, especially using a mechanical device such as a winch  
indolent lethargic and not showing any interest or making any effort  
spasmodic occurring at uneven intervals  
dilate to become, or cause something to become, wider, larger, or stretched  
gore to pierce the flesh of a person or animal with horns or tusks  
crotch the part of the human body where the legs join the trunk  
hapless unlucky or unfortunate  
idle not working, operating, producing, or in use  
recline to lean back into a supported sloping or horizontal position, usually in order to rest or relax  
feat a remarkable act or achievement involving courage, skill, or strength  
quiescence inactive or at rest  
genuine having the qualities or value claimed  
capstan a device consisting of a vertical rotatable drum around which a cable is wound. Use: moving heavy weights, hauling in ropes on a ship  
jovial cheerful in mood or disposition  
expediency the use of methods that bring the most immediate benefits, based on practical rather than moral considerations  
epicurean devoted to sensual pleasures and luxury, especially good food  
dat digital audiotape  
preach to give a talk on a religious or moral subject, especially in church  
brig a two-masted sailing ship with square-rigged sails on both masts  
blubber the insulating fat of whales and other large ocean mammals. Use: source of oil, food.  
voraciousness desiring or consuming food in great quantities  
gizzard a thick-walled muscular sac in the alimentary tract of birds where food is broken down by muscular action and by small stones ingested for that purpose  
nourish to give people, animals, or plants the substances they require to live, grow, or remain fit and healthy  
mould Canadian, U.K. spelling of mold  
lobe a rounded division or projection of an organ or part in the body, especially in the lungs, brain, or liver  
patronize to treat somebody as if he or she were less intelligent or knowledgeable than yourself  
indite to write or compose something such as a poem, letter, or speech  
incessant continuing for a long time without stopping  
agonizing extremely painful  
shamble to walk clumsily keeping the feet close to the ground  
windlass a device that uses a rope or cable wound around a revolving drum to pull and lift things, especially the mechanism on a ship to raise and lower the anchor  
careen to move forward at high speed, swaying, lurching, or swerving from one side to the other  
startle to disconcert or frighten a person or animal into making an involuntary movement, or become disconcerted or frightened by a sudden shock  
assuage to provide relief from something distressing or painful  
friction the rubbing of two objects against each other when one or both are moving  
vex to make somebody slightly annoyed or upset, especially over a relatively unimportant matter  
vast very great in number, size, amount, extent, or degree  
espy to catch sight of or detect something  
quarantine enforced isolation of people or animals that may have been exposed to a contagious or infectious disease, e.g. when entering a country  
incorruptible incapable of being morally corrupted, especially incapable of being bribed or motivated by selfish or base interests  
peremptory expecting to be obeyed and unwilling to tolerate disobedience,  
apostolic relating to, given by, or on behalf of the pope  
archangel a chief or principal angel  
flitch a log cut lengthwise from a tree, ready for further processing at a mill  
fawn a young deer, especially one that is unweaned or less than a year old  
adhere to be conscientious in supporting or following somebody or something  
laudanum a solution of opium in alcohol. Use: formerly, for pain relief.  
relinquish to renounce or surrender something  
bedevil to be a continual source of problems or irritation to something or somebody  
epidemic an outbreak of a disease that spreads more quickly and more extensively among a group of people than would normally be expected  
bilious unsettled in the stomach, as if about to vomit  
oarsman a man who rows a boat, especially as part of a team of rowers  
divinity the quality associated with being God, a god, or a goddess  
credulous too easily convinced that something is true  
blaspheme to swear in a way that insults religion  
hemp a tough fiber made from the stems of an Asian plant. Use: canvas, rope, paper, cloth  
multitudinous very great in number  
tepid slightly warm  
bellow to shout something in a loud deep voice  
ignoble dishonorable and contrary to the high standards of conduct expected of somebody  
capsize to overturn on the surface of water, or cause a boat to overturn  
oakum hemp or jute fibers, especially from old ropes unraveled and soaked in tar. Use: formerly, sealant for gaps between the planks in a wooden boat's hull.  
overburden to place too much weight or worry on somebody or something  
cholera an acute and often fatal intestinal disease that produces severe gastrointestinal symptoms and is usually caused by the bacterium Vibrio cholerae  
beelzebub the devil, or one of the chief devils in hell  
pannier a large basket, often one of a pair, that is placed on the back of a horse, donkey, or other pack animal  
discriminate to treat one person or group worse than others or better than others, usually because of a prejudice about race, ethnicity, age, religion, or gender  
barnacle a small invertebrate animal with a shell that clings to rocks and ships and draws food to itself by using slender hairs cirri. Subclass  
slab a thick flat broad piece of something, especially when cut or trimmed  
joist any of the parallel beams of wood, metal, or concrete that support a floor, roof, or ceiling  
fissure a long narrow crack or opening, especially in rock  
contrivance a plan intended to deceive  
venerable worthy of respect as a result of great age, wisdom, remarkable achievements, or similar qualities  
placid tending or appearing to be calm and not easily excited, upset, or disturbed  
vestige a trace or sign of something that is no longer present  
nonce the present time  
rind the thick tough outer skin of a fruit  
obstruct to cause a blockage in a road, course, or passage  
elasticity the ability of an object or substance to return quickly to its original shape and size after being bent, stretched, or squashed  
err to make a mistake or do an incorrect thing  
tendon an inelastic cord or band of tough white fibrous connective tissue that attaches a muscle to a bone or other part  
tierce in the Roman Catholic Church, the third of the seven separate hours canonical hours that are set aside for prayer each day  
replenish to restock depleted items or material  
tun a large cask for beer or wine  
pelisse a cloak, coat, or jacket lined or trimmed with fur, often worn as part of a military uniform, e.g. by members of the Hussar regiments  
nimble agile, fast, and light in movement  
alter to make changes to something or somebody, or be changed or become different  
pail same as bucketen  
cistern a tank for storing water, especially one connected to a toilet  
smiten to hit somebody or something with a hard blow  
brisk done quickly and energetically  
dainty delicate and pretty  
grandeur the quality of being great or grand and very impressive  
alpine relating to the Alps  
physiognomy the features of somebody's face, especially when they are used as indicators of that person's character or temperament  
magi in the ancient Persian religion of Zoroastrianism, a priest  
superincumbent lying or resting on or above something  
delusion a persistent false belief held in the face of strong contradictory evidence, especially as a symptom of a psychiatric condition  
egress the act of coming or going out of a place  
fraternity a social society for men who are students at a college or university, with a name consisting of individually pronounced Greek letters.  
incarnate having a bodily form, especially a human form  
embellish to increase the beauty of something by adding ornaments or decorations  
sceptical tending not to believe or accept things but to question them  
pagan one who is not Christian,Muslim or Jew  
incarcerate to put somebody in prison  
supposition something that it is suggested might be true, or that is accepted as true on the basis of some evidence but without proof  
abominable extremely repugnant or offensive  
unctuousness attempting to charm or convince somebody in an unpleasantly suave, smug, or smooth way  
spigot an indoor faucet  
spiracle a small vent in a lava flow that allows the escape of built-up gases  
vivify to cause somebody or something to come to life  
olfactory used in smelling or relating to the sense of smell  
opine to express an opinion, or express something as your opinion  
prodigious great in amount, size, or extent  
acrid unpleasantly strong and bitter in smell or taste  
acrid unpleasantly strong and bitter in smell or taste  
hypothesis a statement that is assumed to be true for the sake of argument  
infidel somebody who does not believe in a major religion, especially Christianity or Islam  
warble to sing with trills and often changing notes  
crescentic the Moon or a planet before and after it is full, when it has less than half its disk illuminated  
wreath a circular arrangement of flowers or greenery placed as a memorial on a grave, hung up as a decoration, or put on somebody's head as a sign of honor  
dire characterized by severe, serious, or desperate circumstances  
lily a perennial plant that grows from a bulb. Flowers: single, large, sometimes trumpet-shaped. Genus Lilium  
peninsular a narrow piece of land that juts out from the mainland into an area of water  
strait a narrow body of water that joins two larger bodies of water  
remora a bony saltwater fish with a suction disk on the top of its head that it uses to attach itself to a larger fish or a ship's hull  
brackish somewhat salty, especially from being a mixture of fresh and salt water  
coronation the ceremony or act of crowning a monarch  
hover to float or flutter in the air without moving very far from the same spot  
precedent an action or decision that can be used subsequently as an example for a similar decision or to justify a similar action  
throb to beat or pulsate in a rapid forceful way  
fetter a chain or shackle fastened to somebody's ankles or feet  
embed to fix something or become fixed in a surrounding mass  
ail to cause pain or discomfort to somebody or something  
wane to show a decreasing illuminated surface between a full moon and new moon  
serenely to show a decreasing illuminated surface between a full moon and new moon  
central in, near, or forming the middle of something  
sunder to separate something into parts, especially by force, or be separated in this way  
waif a homeless or friendless person, especially an abandoned child  
wondrous wondrously or extraordinarily  
decline to give a polite refusal to an invitation  
harem in a traditional Muslim home, the separate private quarters reserved for wives and concubines  
jurisprudence the philosophy or science of law  
sinew strength, power, or resilience  
emolument a payment for work done  
bulbous rounded and swollen-looking  
sinecure a job or position that provides a regular income, but requires little or no work  
fob a chain or ribbon used to attach a pocket watch to a vest  
jackal a wild animal resembling a dog, with long legs, large ears, and a bushy tail, that often hunts in packs and feeds on small game, fruit, and the carcasses of dead animals. Native to: Africa, South Asia. Genus Canis.  
guernsey a light-brown and white dairy cow that produces rich milk, belonging to a breed originating on the island of Guernsey  
druggist a pharmacist who runs a drugstore  
ambergris a gray waxy substance, consisting mainly of cholesterol, secreted from the intestines of the sperm whale. It is found floating in tropical waters or on beaches. Use: perfume-making.  
dyspepsia acid indigestion  
myrrh an aromatic resinous gum obtained from various trees and bushes that are native to Africa and southern Asia. Use: in perfume, incense, and medicinal preparations.  
sequel a movie, novel, or play that continues a story begun in a previous movie, novel, or play  
chock a block of wood or metal used to prevent a wheel from turning, an object from moving, or to support something when it is raised off the ground  
spangle a small shiny piece of metal or plastic used for decoration on clothing  
clove a dried aromatic flower bud. Use: as a spice.  
befell to happen, or happen to somebody, especially through the unexpected workings of chance or fate  
serpentine winding and twisting, with many bends and curves  
mollifiy to calm or soothe somebody who is angry or upset  
petulance ill-tempered or sulky in a peevish manner  
mincer to cut meat or vegetables into very small pieces  
rapt involved in, fascinated by, or concentrating on something to the exclusion of everything else  
klin a specialized oven or furnace used for industrial processes such as firing clay for pottery or bricks and for drying materials such as hops or timber  
remorseless showing no pity or compassion  
vengeful having or showing a strong desire for revenge  
cycloid resembling a circle  
emblazon to decorate or adorn something such as clothing with bright colors or a symbol or picture  
caper a playful leap or dancing step  
kindred close to somebody or something else because of similar qualities or interests  
convulsively sudden, jerky, or uncontrollable  
replenishes to restock depleted items or material  
vial a small glass bottle, especially one for medicines  
verdigris a green or greenish blue deposit patina of copper carbonates on copper, brass, and bronze that is caused by atmospheric corrosion  
quito capital city of Ecuador, situated in the north of the country  
almanack an annual publication that includes a calendar for the year as well as astronomical information and details of anniversaries and events  
zodiac a narrow band in the sky in which the movements of the major planets, Sun, and Moon take place, astrologically divided into twelve sections named for the major constellations  
avow to state or affirm that something is true  
sanity the condition of being mentally healthy and able to make rational decisions  
hist web  
mallet a tool with a large usually wooden or metal head that is used for driving another tool such as a chisel or for striking or molding a material. The head of a mallet is larger than that of a hammer and usually cylindrical in shape.  
ingenious possessing cleverness and imagination  
humored having a particular character or frame of mind  
barb U.K. Broadcasters' Audience Research Board  
hydrophobia an extremely intense aversion to water, especially the fear of drinking water or other liquids  
ceylon sland country in South Asia, off the tip of southeastern India in the Indian Ocean. It became an independent member of the British Commonwealth in 1948  
emetic causing a person or animal to vomit  
decanter a decorative bottle with a stopper, used for holding and serving alcoholic drinks  
auspice a sign or token for the future, especially a happy or promising one  
dilute to make something thinner or weaker by adding water or another liquid, or to become thinner or weaker in this way  
elucidate to explain or clarify something  
dissect to cut and separate the parts of animal or plant specimens for scientific or medical study  
arsenide a chemical compound of arsenic and a metal  
plumage the feathers that cover a bird's body, considered collectively  
laden carrying a load, usually a heavy load  
cerebellum the part of the brain located directly behind the front part cerebrum, typically consisting of two hemispheres connected by a thin central region, and serving to control and coordinate muscular activity and maintain balance. In humans, it lies between the back of the medulla oblongata and the underside of the posterior part of the cerebral hemispheres.  
congenial pleasant and suited to somebody's character or tastes  
attenuate to reduce the size, strength, or density of something, or become thinner, weaker, or less dense  
taper to become narrower at one end, especially gradually, or make something do this  
chirography the art of handwriting  
cetacean a large ocean mammal that has a streamlined body with forelimbs modified as flippers, no hind limbs, and a blowhole on the back, e.g. a whale or a dolphin  
disinterred to expose something that was hidden  
marl a naturally occurring fine crumbly mixture of clay and limestone, often containing shell fragments and sometimes other minerals  
antiquity ancient history, especially the period of time during which the ancient Greek and Roman civilizations flourished  
elaborate having many different parts or a lot of detail, and organized in a complicated way  
siam Former name for Thailand until 1939  
songster Same as poet  
grove a small group of trees  
felicity happiness or contentment  
beget to be the cause of something  
progeny an offspring of a person, animal, or plant  
transpire to become known or be disclosed  
accumulate to collect or obtain a large amount of something over a period of time  
satanic relating to Satan or the worship of Satan  
auxiliary acting to support or supplement a group of people  
capricious tending to make sudden unexpected changes  
pincer a large jointed front claw of some crustaceans and arachnids such as the lobster and scorpion, used for grasping things  
antediluvian extremely old-fashioned or outdated  
soliloquize to speak a soliloquy in the course of a play  
pedlar U.K. Same as peddler  
spavin an ailment of horses involving a swelling or enlargement of the hock joint  
confinement restriction or limitation within the boundaries or scope of something  
interflow to merge into a single stream  
lumber trees that have been sawed and prepared for use in building, woodworking, or cabinetmaking  
aver to assert something confidently  
hieroglyphic relating to or written in hieroglyphs  
somnambulism walking while asleep  
archipelago a group or chain of islands  
inpenetrable not able to be passed through or entered  
eternal lasting for all time without beginning or end  
refuge a sheltered or protected state safe from something threatening, harmful, or unpleasant  
omen something that happens that is regarded as a sign of how somebody or something will fare in the future  
seam the line along which pieces of cloth or leather are joined by sewing  
dent to make a shallow depression in the surface of something by hitting it or putting pressure on it, or receive a depression through pressure  
forge a workshop where metal is heated and shaped into objects by hammering  
weld to join together pieces or parts of some material by heating them and hammering or using other pressure to make them fuse, or be joined in this way  
melancholy feeling or making somebody feel a thoughtful or gentle sadness  
penetrate to enter or pass through something, e.g. by piercing it or forcing a way in  
verdure the green color associated with lush vegetation  
brazen showing or expressing boldness and a complete lack of shame  
grit small pieces of sand or stone  
linger to delay leaving somewhere because of reluctance to go  
vesper a bell rung in the evening, e.g. to summon worshipers to vespers  
invoke to call upon a greater power such as God or a spirit for help  
hearse a vehicle in which a coffin is carried to a funeral or a dead person is transported to a funeral home immediately after death  
derision contempt and mockery  
cabalistic mysterious or esoteric  
insulate to protect or isolate somebody from something, especially from something unpleasant or undesirable  
quadrant a 90ยบ arc representing one fourth of the circumference of a circle  
trample to tread heavily, or tread heavily on something or somebody so as to cause damage or injury  
gamy having a strong flavor like that of a wild bird or animal that is hunted for food  
privileges an advantage, right, or benefit that is not available to everyone  
defy to challenge openly somebody's or something's authority or power by refusing to obey a command or regulation  
corpus a body of writings by a particular person, on a particular subject, or of a particular type  
tiller the means by which a small boat is steered, consisting of a handle attached to the rudder  
contrary not at all in agreement with something  
mast breast, nipple, mammary gland  
skewer a thin metal or wooden rod with a sharp end used to hold meat or meat and vegetables during cooking  
tarpaulin a heavy waterproof material, especially treated canvas, used as a covering and to protect things from moisture  
spasmodic occurring at uneven intervals  
wonted usual or typical  
aft toward or at the rear of a ship, submarine, or aircraft  
vicissitude unexpected changes, especially in somebody's fortunes  
falsify to alter something in order to deceive  
spar a member of the women's branch of the U.S. Coast Guard during World War II. The unit was disbanded in 1946.  
stealthily secretive, furtive, or cunning  
chariot a two-wheeled horse-drawn vehicle without seats, used in ancient times in races, warfare, or processions  
clench to close your teeth or fist tightly, e.g. when angry  
palpable so intense as to be almost able to be felt physically  
mar to spoil or detract from something  
kelson a metal or wooden beam attached to the upper side of a boat's keel to reinforce it  
invert to reverse the order, position, or arrangement of something  
slunk to move or behave quietly and secretively  
lo used to draw attention to something  
buoy a large anchored float, often equipped with lights or bells, that serves as a guide or warning to ships  
caulk to make a boat or the seams between its planks watertight by filling the seams with waterproof material such as pitch  
cobble a small rounded stone used for paving streets  
tinker a clumsy or unskillful worker, especially at repair work  
calk a metal spike on a horseshoe to prevent slipping  
stash a secret store of something such as money or valuables  
crupper a strap that passes under the tail of a horse and is attached to a saddle or harness to prevent it from sliding forward  
bier a table on which a casket or a corpse is placed  
bosom the chest of a man or woman  
anvil a sturdy piece of iron onto which heated metal is placed to be beaten into the required shape, especially by a blacksmith  
bough a large main branch of a tree, from which smaller branches grow  
malady a physical or psychological disorder or disease  
epaulet a decoration on the shoulder of a jacket or coat, especially on a military uniform. In officers' dress, epaulets are usually made of gold or silver braid  
despot a tyrant or ruler with absolute powers  
incommodivous uncomfortable because lacking in space  
ere before or earlier in time than  
buriar the act or ceremony of putting a dead body into the ground or into the sea  
foreboding a feeling that something bad is going to happen  
firmament the sky, considered as an arch  
czar especially for dealing with a particular issue or problem  
innocence the state of not being guilty of a crime or offense  
cankerous an evil or corrupting influence that spreads and is difficult to wipe out  
emblem something that visually symbolizes an object, idea, group, or quality  
bowl an open container, usually round in shape and wider than it is deep, typically used for holding food and liquids  
scythe an implement with a long handle and a long curved single-edged blade, used to cut grass, crops, or similar plants by swinging the blade horizontally close to the ground  
dictat to rule over or make decisions for others with absolute authority, or attempt to do so  
pleat a vertical fold in cloth or other material, usually one of a number, sewn into position or pressed flat  
pennon a long narrow flag, usually triangular, tapering, or divided at the end, originally carried on a lance by a medieval knight  
coincident happening at the same time, or occupying the same position in space  
agitate to make somebody feel anxious, nervous, or disturbed  
leeward situated away from the wind, or on the side of something, especially a boat, that is away or sheltered from the wind  
anon at an unspecified future time  
bated in anxious or excited anticipation  
abide to find somebody or something acceptable or bearable  
thine belonging to or associated with you, when  
trend a general tendency, movement, or direction  
writ a written court order demanding that the addressee do or stop doing whatever is specified in the order  
awe a feeling of amazement and respect mixed with fear that is often coupled with a feeling of personal insignificance or powerlessness  
mane a large amount of thick long hair on somebody's head  
mishap an unfortunate accident or piece of bad luck  
impiety a lack of due reverence for God or religion  
blasphemy disrespect for God or sacred things  
heliotrope a hairy plant of the borage family. Flowers: small, fragrant, white or purple, in  
moss a simple nonflowering plant bryophyte that has short stems with small leaves arranged in spirals and resembling scales, and inhabits moist shady sites  
cloven split or divided into two parts  
hemp a tough fiber made from the stems of an Asian plant. Use: canvas, rope, paper, cloth.  
berg Same as iceberg  
corpse a dead body, especially of a human being  
fagged feeling very tired or worn out  
volition the act of exercising the will  
flume a theme park ride involving boats on a water chute  
pagan an offensive term that deliberately insults somebody who does not acknowledge the God of the Bible, Torah, or Koran  
incommode to cause inconvenience to somebody  
ethanal a colorless volatile liquid with a pungent smell. Use: manufacture of acetic acid, acetic anhydride, and butanol  

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