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economy efficiency and conservation of effort in the operation or achievement of something  
bulk large size or mass  
labor the supply of work or workers for a particular job, industry, or employer  
obtrude to impose something such as opinions or yourself on other people  
impertinent showing a bold or rude lack of respect, especially to a superior  
sonorous producing or possessing sound  
fain willing or eager to do something  
slew past tense of slay  
serf an agricultural worker, especially in feudal Europe, who cultivated land belonging to a landowner, and who was bought and sold with the land  
plough u.k spelling of plow  
oracle somebody or something considered to be a source of knowledge, wisdom, or prophecy  
depreciate to speak critically or disparagingly about something or somebody  
emancipation the act or process of setting somebody free or of freeing somebody from restrictions  
stereotype an oversimplified standardized image of a person or group  
poverty the state of not having enough money to take care of basic needs such as food, clothing, and housing  
philosophy the branch of knowledge or academic study devoted to the systematic examination of basic concepts such as truth, existence, reality, causality, and freedom  
palatable having a good enough taste to be eaten or drunk  
intellectual relating to or involving the mental processes of abstract thinking and reasoning rather than the emotions  
esculent fit to be eaten  
biennial happening every two years  
breadth the distance or measurement of something from one side to the other  
augean disgustingly dirty, like the Augean stables  
delecation pleasure or enjoyment  
herdsman somebody, especially a man, who owns or breeds cattle or other livestock  
stacte in the Bible, a sweet spice mentioned as being used by the ancient Jews in making incense  
granite a coarse-grained igneous rock made up of feldspar, mica, and at least 20 percent quartz. Use: building.  
venture a risky or daring undertaking that has no guarantee of success  
logarithmic the power to which a base must be raised to equal a given number. For example, the logarithm of 8 to the base 2 is 3, since 23 = 8.  
hanno Carthaginian navigator who undertook a voyage of exploration along the west coast of Africa.  
tare the seed of a tare or vetch  
trot to move at a jogging pace that is faster than walking but not as fast as running  
gauge to determine the amount, quantity, size, or extent of something  
divulge to reveal information, especially information that was previously secret  
pantaloon a character in Italian commedia dell'arte, a very thin man of advanced years who is easily tricked and who wears pantaloons and slippers  
premise a proposition that forms the basis of an argument or from which a conclusion is drawn  
legislative involved in the writing and passing of laws  
moult u.k spelling of molt which means to shed feathers, hair, or skin periodically, especially seasonally, in order to allow replacement of what is lost with new growth  
exogenous originating outside an organism or system  
masquerade a costume worn to a masquerade  
clad branch, shoot  
defray to provide money to pay for part or all of the cost of something  
somerset county in southwestern England that includes Glastonbury, Exmoor, and Cheddar. Taunton is the county town.  
minerva in Roman mythology, the goddess of wisdom and patron of arts, trade, and the art of war, who was born fully armed from the head of Jupiter.  
momus in Greek mythology, the god of fault-finding and mockery  
scurvy a disease caused by insufficient vitamin C, the symptoms of which include spongy gums, loosening of the teeth, and bleeding into the skin and mucous membranes  
myriad so many that they cannot be counted  
pharaoh somebody in a position of authority, especially somebody who is harsh, gives unreasonable orders, and expects unquestioning obedience  
woodchuck a heavy-set short-legged marmot with brownish fur streaked with gray. Native to: northern North America  
superfluous in excess of what is needed  
apotheosize beto glorify or exalt somebody or something  
sardana a regional folk dance of Catalonia in which the dancers form a stately, slow-moving circle  
pewee a drab medium-sized bird of the tyrant-flycatcher family with a plaintive song  
hew to form or create something by cutting wood or stone  
shanty a crudely built shack or hut  
doorsill a piece of stone or hardwood that forms the bottom of a doorway  
perennial describes a plant that lasts for more than two growing seasons, either dying back after each season, as some herbaceous plants do, or growing continuously, as some bushes do  
sapele a wood that resembles mahogany  
encumbrance a hindrance or burden to somebody  
garret a room at the top of a house, immediately below the roof  
daube in French cuisine, a dish of braised meat or vegetables, especially a traditional French dish of beef braised in wine  
evangelist a writer of any of the four books of the Christian Bible known as a Gospel  
idle not working, operating, producing, or in use  
thebes capital city of ancient Egypt, situated on both sides of the Nile River, south of present-day Cairo. It first appeared in Egyptian records in the middle of the 3rd millennium bc, and served as the capital of Egypt until 1085 bc. It is across the Nile from the Valley of the Kings, the site of the tombs of the pharaohs  
slaughter the brutal killing of a person or large numbers of people  
abstemious not indulging in or characterized by excessive eating or drinking  
larder a cool place, especially a small room or large cupboard, used for storing food  
hominy dried and puffed whole kernels of corn that are eaten boiled, especially in the Southwestern dish known as  
shanty a crudely built shack or hut  
wen a cyst containing material secreted by a sebaceous gland of the skin, usually on the scalp or genitals. It may grow to an appreciable size and become infected.  
philanthropy a desire to improve the material, social, and spiritual welfare of humanity, especially through charitable activities  
lunatic considered thoughtless, ridiculous, or reckless  
beneficence doing good or charitable acts  
benevolence showing kindness or goodwill  
crude roughly or unskillfully made or conceived  
botanic relating to plants, especially to the scientific study of plants  
lunatic considered thoughtless, ridiculous, or reckless  
beneficence doing good or charitable acts  
benevolence showing kindness or goodwill  
crude roughly or unskillfully made or conceived  
botanic relating to plants, especially to the scientific study of plants  
dispel to rid somebody's mind of a thought or an idea, especially an erroneous one  
pore a tiny opening in a leaf or stem of a plant used to absorb or release substances, e.g. in photosynthesis or respiration  
liberal supporting, belonging to, or associated with the Liberal Party in Canada, the United Kingdom, or Australia  
cypress city in southwestern California, a southeastern suburb of Los Angeles  
husbandry the science, skill, or art of farming  
discriminate to treat one person or group worse than others or better than others, usually because of a prejudice about race, ethnicity, age, religion, or gender  
roost a place where a bird rests or sleeps, e.g. a perch or a building with perches for domestic fowl  
exude to communicate a particular quality or feeling in abundance and very clearly, usually through general behavior and body language  
serenade a song used to court somebody, traditionally sung by a man in the evening outside a woman's window, or the performance of such a song  
requiem a piece of music written to accompany a requiem mass  
pygmy a member of a people of central and southern Africa  
hue a color or shade of a color  
rudiment a basic principle or skill, especially in a particular field or subject  
succinct expressed with brevity and clarity, with no wasted words  
lucid rational, and mentally clear, especially only for a period between episodes of delirium or psychosis  
snout the projecting part of a vertebrate's head, consisting of the nose and mouth, especially that of a mammal such as a pig  
corrosion a process by which something, especially a metal, is destroyed progressively by chemical action, as iron is when it rusts  
plead to beg earnestly  
enlighten to give clarifying information to somebody  
aristocracy people of noble families or the highest social class  
scornful feeling or expressing great contempt for somebody or something  
astrology the study of the positions of the Moon, Sun, and other planets in the belief that their motions affect human beings  
paltry insignificant or unimportant  
cormorant a large diving bird with webbed feet, a hooked beak, and a long neck that can expand to swallow fish  
steeple : a tower forming part of a Christian church or another building, usually with a spire on top  
belfry the part of a church steeple or a tower in which bells are hung  
metamorphose to undergo a complete or marked change of physical form, structure, or substance, or make somebody or something undergo this  
gilt a thin layer of gold or of a substance that looks like gold applied to a surface  
aliment aliment something that feeds, sustains, or supports something else  
conduce to help, contribute, or lead to bringing about an action or event  
broad large from one side to the other  
adorn to add decoration or ornamentation to something  
velvety soft and smooth in a way that suggests the feel of velvet  
athwart so as to be across or positioned crosswise over something  
dwell to live and have a home in a particular place  
wit the apt, clever, and often humorous association of words or ideas, or a capacity for it  
nostril either of the two openings at the end of the nose of a person or animal  
unwearied not tired, e.g. from working or playing  
spruce an evergreen tree of the pine family with a pyramid shape, short needles, drooping cones, and soft light wood  
evince to show a feeling or a quality clearly  
cedar a tall evergreen tree with spreading branches, needles, and large rounded upright cones  
CoT U.K. college of technology  
nymph in mythology, a minor goddess or spirit of nature inhabiting areas of natural beauty such as woods, mountains, and rivers and traditionally regarded as a beautiful young woman  
stump the base of a tree trunk and its roots after the tree has fallen or been cut down  
chickadee a small titmouse that has gray feathers, a darker colored top to its head, and a distinctive call  
waterlogged having absorbed so much water as to become spongy or marshy and difficult to walk or play on  
domes a hemispherical roof, e.g. on a palace or cathedral  
urn a closed vessel in which a hot drink, especially tea or coffee, is made in a large quantity and poured out through a spigot  
oriole an orange and black songbird. Native to: North America  
imbibe to take in and assimilate something such as an idea or experience  
solitude the state of being alone, separated from other people, whether considered as a welcome freedom from disturbance or as an unhappy loneliness  
misanthrop somebody who hates humanity, or who dislikes and distrusts other people and tends to avoid them  
resistless not able to be resisted  
congregate to come together in a group, or gather people or animals into a group  
torrent a fast and powerful rush of liquid, especially water  
remunerate to pay somebody for goods or services, or compensate somebody financially for losses sustained or inconvenience caused  
musty smelling old, damp, and stale because of not having been used or exposed to fresh air for a long time  
acheron in Greek mythology, one of the rivers that ran through Hades  
serpent a sly or treacherous person  
munition to supply somebody with weapons and ammunition  
ricochet rebound  
frugal involving very little expense  
trivial lacking in seriousness, importance, or value  
sluggish inactive and moving slowly or very little  
partridge a medium-sized, ground-nesting bird with variegated feathers, related to pheasants and grouse  
gourami a freshwater fish, many species of which are capable of breathing air and are often kept in aquariums. Native to  
dispense to give a service or advice to several recipients  
hemlock a very poisonous herb of the carrot family that has finely cut leaves, especially poison  
phenomenon a fact or occurrence that can be observed  
immerse to put something into a liquid so that it is entirely below the surface  
inferior lower or low in rank, standing, or degree  
prorpotion a quantity of something that is part of the whole amount or number  
reformer an active participant in the Reformation  
effete characterized by decadence, overrefinement, or overindulgence  
cinque the number five on cards or dice, or a throw of five in a dice game  

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