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dignify to give honor or an aura of importance to something  
notion an idea, opinion, or concept  
luminous emitting or reflecting light  
convex having a surface that curves outward rather than inward  
deduction the act of subtracting an amount for a purpose  
mischievous behaving or likely to behave in a naughty or troublesome way, but in fun and not meaning serious harm  
astutely shrewd and discerning, especially where personal benefit is to be derived  
amiable friendly and pleasant to be with  
parietal relating to the walls of any hollow part of a plant or animal such as a plant's ovary or an animal's skull  
precisely used to indicate that something is stated exactly  
manuscript a book or other text written by hand, especially one written before the invention of printing  
forgery the act of making or producing an illegal copy of something so that it looks genuine, usually for financial gain  
monograph a scholarly article, paper, or book on a single topic  
maiden a scholarly article, paper, or book on a single topic  
betwixt between two groups or categories, without belonging to one or the other  
aghast overcome with shock and dismay  
bemuse to cause somebody to be confused or puzzled  
squire a country landowner in England, often the main local landowner  
dapple to mark something with patches or spots of a different color or with light and shade, or be marked in this way  
roister to take part in loud rowdy partying or celebrations  
corroborate to give or represent evidence of the truth of something  
verdict the finding of a jury on the matter that has been submitted to it in a trial  
superstition an irrational, but usually deep-seated belief in the magical effects of a specific action or ritual, especially in the likelihood that good or bad luck will result from performing it  
yew an evergreen tree or bush that has flat dark green needles and scarlet fruits arils that resemble berries. Most parts of the tree are considered poisonous  
claimant somebody who claims something such as benefits or an inheritance  
vestry a room attached to a church, where vestments or sacred objects are kept  
punctual arriving or taking place at the arranged time  
ruddy with a healthy reddish glow  
expedient appropriate, advisable, or useful in a situation that requires action  
legislation the process of writing and passing laws  
diminish to taper from the lower part to the upper part, or make something taper in this way  
negro an offensive term for a black person, often considered an acceptable term in historically established phrases such as baseball's Negro Leagues  
malevolent having or showing a desire to harm others  
slovenly an offensive term meaning not concerned about conventional standards of personal hygiene and tidiness  
mutilate to inflict serious injury on the body or a part of the body of a person or animal by removing or destroying parts of it  
flurry a short period when a lot of things happen  
gent gentleman  
toff a rich or upper-class person, especially somebody who is elegantly dressed  

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