Verb List/Chart

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Infinitive Meaning  
Ayudar To help  
Bailar To dance  
Buscar To look for  
Cantar To sing  
Cocinar To cook  
Comprar To buy  
Escuchar To listen to  
Estudiar To study  
Ganar To win/earn  
Gastar To spend  
Hablar To speak  
Llamar To call  
Llegar To arrive  
Llevar To wear/carry/take  
Mirar To look at  
Nadar To swim  
Necesitar To need  
Pagar To pay (for)  
Pasar To happen/to pass  
Pegar To hit  
Practicar To practice  
Preparar to prepare  
Tocar To play (Instrument)  
Trabajar To work  
Aprender To learn  
Beber To drink  
Comer To eat  
Correr To run  
Leer To read  
Vender To sell  
Andar To walk  

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