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What is an executive producer? responsibilities include finance, scheduling and sometimes major creative decisions  
What is a vision mixer? takes instructions from the director and using a special effects generator or switcher, switches between video images using cuts, disolves, wipes...  
What is a VTR operator? runs tape machines, monitors audio levels and video levels  
What is an associate director? assists the director during the television production by keeping track of timing and making sure that camera shots, graphics and VTRs are ready for directors cues  
What is a RF assist? a specific type of camera assistant who is responsible for keeping transmitter aimed at the receiver and to keep cables from becoming tangled or stretched  
What is a production assistant? arranges shipments and delivery/pickup of food, establishes rights to music  
What is a producer? responsible for coordinating the commercials, calling the replays and making sure that the talent needs are met in addition to staying on schedule and budget  
What is a spotter? advises the production crew regarding any important activity or incidents in or around the play of the field  
What is a Utility? assist the engineering crew during setup and tear down. During production could be a camera assist  
What is a font coordinator? responsibilities may include spell check, updating scores and identifying on screen personnel  
What is a production manager? Oversees the operation of the production team including budgets, personnel assignments, and transportation.  
What is an A-1? determines where mics are to be placed in the field of play. Also mixes the signal from the various microphones, tape decks, digicarts, and house feeds during the actual production  
What is an E.I.C? works for the mobile truck provider and is responsible for keeping everything working in the truck  
What is the coordinating producer? keeps track of budgets, quality control and logistics for multiple producers  
What is a statistician? compiles competition statistics, including past performances and up to the minute competition details  
What is a rigger? sets up structures to support lighting or camera equipment before the event.  
What is a director? responsible for the creative and aesthetic portions of the production. Must be able to visually tell the story. sets the tone and pace of the production and serves as a crew motivator.  
What is talent? refers to anyone that is in front of the camera or is heard on air.  
What is a unit manager? handles budgetary operation including outside vendors and overtime. Also handles crew scheduling  
What is a video tape librarian? collects and maintains the videotapes and records of events ready for retrieval on request  
What is a technical manager? responsible for all broadcast-related technical operations at the venue.  
What is an associate producer? this person often supervises post production and/or the production of edited video packages that appear within a production  
What is a slo-mo operator? operates and maintains slow motion videotape of digital disc recorder/player  
What is a stage/floor manager? coordinates everything occurring in the studio or broadcast booth  
What is an electronic still store? operates equipment used for the capture, storage and playback of still images from video. Selects, compiles and cuts together video and audio to produce highlights, summaries, and feature packages  
What is a camera operator? receives assignments from the director and constantly provides the director with the best quality images available for the production  
What is a production coordinator? responsible for general operations such as catering, petty cash, runners, credentials and phones  
What is a graphics operator? operates the character generator to put text and graphics on the TV screen  
What is a camera assist? protects and helps the camera operator by keeping people from walking into the camera's field view  
What is a shader? responsible for adjusting video levels as well as establishing the color intensity of cameras on the CCU to obtain the highest quality picture  
What is an A-2? Troubleshoots audio problems. Assist talent with mics  
What is a Tape AD? helps select the appropriate portion of the tape for playback, replays etc.  

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