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Martin Eden London  
"Lucinda Matlock" Masters  
"To Build a Fire" London  
Death Comes to the Archbishop Cather  
"Miniver Cheevy" Robinson  
"George Gray" Masters  
The Call of te Wild London  
wrote of Tilbury Town Robinson  
Maggie: A Girl of the Streets Crane  
Oak and Ivory Dunbar  
went on the Klondike gold rush London  
Lyrics of Lowly Life Dunbar  
"The Sculptors Funeral" Cather  
Spoon River Anthology Masters  
managing editor of McClure's Magazine Cather  
The Song of the Lark Cather  
the title of the first Naturalist novel Maggie  
My Antonia Cather  
"The Open Boat" Crane  
The Red Badge of Courage Crane  
defined as journalists who expressed corruption Muckrakers  
"Richard Cory" Robinson  
"Mr. Flood's Party" Robinson  
O Pioneer's Cather  
artist of Northeaster Homer  
artist of The Scream of Shrapnel at San Juan Hill Remington  
the French Naturalist called the father of naturalism Zola  
4 Naturalists Norris, London, Dreiser, Crane  
wrote How the other Half Lives Riis  
wrote Looking Backward Bellamy  
wrote The Shame of the cities Steffens  
the leading American realist Howells  

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