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holy book of islam Quran  
Literary legendary king who was part man part god Gilgamesh  
person who spread christeanity to many parts of the mediterranean Paul  
Buddhists and hindus disagree on what belief Caste System  
the chinese philosophy that believes the true way to heaven is through inaction Taoism  
Luther and Calvin started what Protestant Movement  
Hindu term for the divine law whose requirements differ with social status Dharma  
does not have a sphere of influence in china United States  
for sidhartha, the end of self and the reunion with the great world soul is ______ Nirvana  
asian country that was able to make use of imported ideas without endangering their past Japan  
north african region that came under french power between 1879 and 1912 Morocco  
greatest contribution of the Byzantine Empire Justinian's Law Code  
goal of Boxer rebelion to get rid of the foreigners  
country that controlled Balkin Penninsula for several hundred years Turkey  
major reason why the renaissance began in italy surrounded by reminders of ancient rome  
empire that contributed zorastrianism and was tolerant of conquered peoples Persia  
scientis who was attacked by Catholic Church for his scientific theories Galileo  
first center of Christeanity Jerusalem  
homo sapiens sapiens first appeared in _________ Africa  
Napoleon's most long lasting domestic achievement the civil law code  
the immediate cause of the French Revolution was the near collapse of the _________ government  
major significance of the Magna Carta limited the power of the King  
Romulus and Ramus were twin brothers that founded_____________ Rome  
force of someone's actions in this life that affects the next life Karma  
countries of the triple alliance Germany, Italy, Austria-Hungary  
countries of the triple entente Great Britain, Russia, France  
person who used the question and answer format in his teaching methods Socrates  
Lenin became leader of what small action the Bolsheviks  
all emerged from WWII except Serbia  
indian leader who sent buddhist missionaries to china Asoka  
didn't believe that life was preperation for the life to come Humanism  
belived that some natural rights are given to a limited leader who can be removed if rights aren't protected Locke  
1914 german edvance halted only 20 miles from paris in the first battle of ____________ Marne  
paper that egyptians made froma reed that grew along the nile papyrus  
all were long range WWI causes except expansionism  
offshore island siezed by british during opium war Hong Kong  
all natural rights, except self defense, can be given to an absolute ruler for the preservation of the rights of all Hobbes  
dates of WWI 1914-1918  
believed in and known for freedom of speech Voltaire  
provided a sense of security and timelessness to the Egyptians religion  
aim of Ghandi's movement when he returned from south africa better conditions for the poor  
liberator of South America Simon Bolivar  
central powers of WWI Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire  
made first law code based on Hammurabi  
Marx and Engel proposed new economic/social system in _________ Communist Manifesto  
Napolean met final defeat at Battle of __________ Waterloo  
Nation created in 1910 after the Boer War Union of South Africa  
study of past societies anthripology  
the basic charter for French liberty the Declaration of the Rights of Man  
persian assassinated in sarajevo Archduk Francis Ferdinand  
wrote Plato  
first historian/wrote about Persian War Heraditis  
loss of these 2 provinces to germany in the Franco-Persian War left france burning for revenge Alsace/Lorraine  
founder of islam Muhammad  
believed a social contract existed between government and people, and freedom was achieved by following the will of the people Rousseau  
responsible for the league of nations United States  
founder of the hebrew religion Abraham  
major center for all muslims Mecca  
the Tsar's wife fell under the influence of an uneducated Serbian peasant named _________ Rasputin  
dates of Vietnam war (french) 1959-1975  
dates of Vietnam War (american) 1964-1975  
founder of the Christean religion Jesus  
driving force behind the colonization of South Africa Leopold II  

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